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Klipsch KP-600 Eye Candy


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3 hours ago, Gnote said:


I'm  in awe  !


Yes, it's amazing looking at the pictures, serious speakers.


1 hour ago, mikebse2a3 said:

KP-600 pictures cool....


Father and Son having fun and spending time together even better....:emotion-21::)




If I remember correctly it was not all DAD's idea to try to get these speakers.

But you're right, spending the time together is great, plus a youngster learning a great hobby and knowing the difference of what quality sound can do for music. This will last him a lifetime just like the memories with Dad as he discovers all of this. 


One thing for sure, he will never be happy with bad sound.

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9 hours ago, jwc said:

The tweeter-mid passive is a real PITA


Thing is.....there was 2 different midrange versions.  I have the later single 1132 driver version....when the earlier versions were with dual K60s on a manifold.


So does the posted passive work for both versions....without modifications?

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