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Considering Going to IB Subs in the Home Theater


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Today I met a guy that has a pair of RF-7's and I mentioned what speakers I have and he asked about my RSW-15's.  I told him I really like them but one day, I would like to have someone build me IB subs and he said he has owned a car audio business for 20 years and can build IB subs.  Looks like we might be able to work out a trade where I develop a Custom Website for his business in exchange for an IB setup.


He recommends SI (Stereo Integrity) subs and suggested for my size room, going with either (4) 18's or 4-6 15's for the "Full Theater Effect".  He also recommended the following:



I wouldn't infinite baffle all of them though While infinite baffle has minimal roll off, it don't have the punch needed in some music, at least in my opinion. I always went with a pair of infinite baffles, and pair in 4th order it just rounds it off. I'm an extreme music buff so I need every aspect of sound output

Then he sends me a pic of his truck setup with (30) 12's, (6) 4,500 watt amps, 18 batteries and 3 alternators.  LOL





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I would just have wakejunkie build mine but being 600 miles away makes it a bit more complicated, not to mention, he has been working on fixing his foundation for 2 - 3 months now.  He works a LOT slower after the strokes but still is blessed to be able to retain the know how that he had prior to the strokes.  Sure hope this works out.   The guy said he will be tied up for a bit as he still has trees down from hurricane Irma.  I told him I would check in with him in a week or 2 if I haven't heard back from him.  Wanted to get some thoughts from my Klipsch family as this whole IB is certainly new to me.

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You heard mine with a pair of La Scalas. That IB was a pair of Dayton 15" mounted to a manifold in the attic. It was driven by a 500 watt Behringer amp using a Behringer Feedback Destroyer as a crossover and EQ. As I recall you were pretty impressed.


I say go for it.



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