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Parts Express midrange horn buyouts?? Anyone used or tested them?

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PE did a buyout of several mid and tweeter horn drivers from B-52.  299-2305 is a 2" opening horn 9.75" x 17.75" useable to 400HZ per PE"s listing. 299-2304 is a 1" opening 7" x 17.75" useable to 400HZ."  I ordered four of each to inspect.  They are very sturdy thick plastic and are well made.  Prices are $15.88 per horn with quantity discounts.  Anyone use or test these yet?  I ordered some of the 1" to 2" opening adapters from PE and they fit the 2" horn opening, Here are some pics






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they have a TF1530  - guess a rebranded Celestion TF1530 - good spec for bass reflex,  limited excursion with 2mm xmax rating


by a 70%BL rating, that would be ~4mm xmax  
(Lc - Hg)/2 + 1/4(Hg) = x-max 




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I like that 2" horn - what's the cheapest 2" to 1" adapter?


their 1" format TE8180 = "usable to 500Hz"  22.5" x 10" but only 11.5" deep - in its pix,  there's a nice metal insert and strong looking ribs at the throat.  It probably has more HOM potential than the 2" horn above.299-2306_HR_0.jpg

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Karlson, the ebay horn  at the link in your post above  has these specs


  • Horn Dimension Front: 17.75"(450.84mm) x 9.93"(506.22mm)
  • Front to Rear : 7.75"(196.85mm)
  • Dispersion : 90° Horizontal X 40° Vertical  
  • Mounting Size Hole: 8" x 14.75"
  • Material: Hard Durable ABS Plastic 


These are pretty close to the PE 299-2305 buyout horn dimensions (9.75" x 17.75" x 7") on the 2" throat horn.  Same 90 x 40 dispersion.  Don't know about the flare.  Someone smarter than me needs to chime in.  Maybe DJK or others????



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Guest wdecho

A 2" to 1" adapter for a 2" horn might be OK but if I were to buy a horn built for a 2" driver I would want a 2" driver for it. I saw a couple on the buyout page for that horn. Just saying. 




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 So sorry to hear about DJK passing!  He was one smart cookie and I will miss him.


I’m going to use the 7 inch tall horn to build a belle size top cabinet with removable front board and use this horn and a k77 Tweeter on the side mounted horizontally. If I ever run into some actual belle mid range horns I can remove the front panel and cut a standard size Belle horn and K77 cut out and install. I’ve got some bell bass cabinets that I’ve built and will stack the new cabinet on top

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