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Bi-Amped K-Horn + K-402 horns w/ KPT-415 woofers


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I wanted to know the reality about my speaker wire application so, I connected 2 conductors (of the 4 conductor cable) from an amplifier to a loudspeaker. Turned the amp on with no input signal and listened. No sound as expected.


Then I connected a 100 watt light bulb to the other 2 conductors and powered it with 120 Volts at 60 Hz.  


Voltmeter on the 2 parallel conductors at the speaker shows 0.000 volts. I could NOT hear a 60 Hz hum from the loudspeaker, or any sound.


Looks like it is okay to use regular 4 conductor speaker wire for all my bi-amped speakers, without concern about the woofer signal cross-talking to the tweeter signal.



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The Klipschorns have better bass response in their present position, half-way between the four corners of the room, than they did when they used to be in the primary left and right front corners. When they were the main speakers in this same room, there was a 70 Hz null at the listening positions, caused by standing waves. That problem led me to buy the KPT speakers, which are awesome, but I am really happy to be hearing and feeling powerful bass from the Klipschorns.

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New horn decorative trim. The tweeter is set back to physically align with the K-55V midrange driver. These Klipschorns use the passive crossover networks. There is acoustic foam on the upper backside of the mid horn to eliminate any high frequency reflections.












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