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Max Goodman

I dont fit into your Db because I am not in the US

My state is therefore best described as horizontal and in recovery from the ACA meeting at my house last night.

My equipment can be found from the link in my sig (are they working now?)

Oh that link is out of date - will provide a better list once my head stops pounding.

Sumary of the meeting - whiskey, beer and wine and it all sounded fine.

Proper summary and pics to follow in 2 channel forum.

Where are the aspirin?

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Dan Dischiavo

Utica, NY

Age 39

My brother, cousin and I have set up a Movie Of The Month Club where we take turns hosting recently released DVDs. Its an absolutely great way to ensure getting together with friends and family ( we invite a group of 6-10 ) on a regular basis and it gives some of us a chance to really show off our stuff. My brother has LaScala mains, SVS sub and some smaller Klipsch speaks for center and rears. My poor cousin went with Bo$e...he's a little embarassed. Anyway, the Movie Of The Month Club has turned out to be a great idea.

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Dean: would be great to see each others system and hear the different component combinations.I live in canada so thats a little far for some of you guys. I'll let you in on a little story of mine about sharing to much info. I placed an add in the local paper to sell off an old nak reciever i had, Many phone calls and viewers came out. One guy called me back and said he wanted to come for a second look with his freind, I MADE THE MISTAKE OF TELLING HIM I WAS GOING OUT OF TOWN FOR THE WEEKEND. What a fool i was, i came home sunday night to no stereo and a thrashed house. My k-horns and lascalas were lined up at the bottom of the stairs ready to come up and the ignition was smashed out of my truck. They were going to steal my truck to take my speakers. Thank god for insurance or i would have been out about $25000.00. Thats when i bought all my new rotel gear.

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