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Klipschorn factory bass bins, $200, STL


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@codewritinfoolReally not a bad price. I've been looking for reasonable K horns or Cornwalls in St Louis for some time. That said, in my rash of recent used gear purchases I have bought more things that need to be fixed that I care to admit (Most I was not aware of at the time. Apparently the word 'mint conditon' means 'slightly broken' to alot of people. Ugh...) so I have my hands full at the moment. 


Very tempting though. If done right these could be great. 

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12 hours ago, Woofers and Tweeters said:

I bought a pair of bass bins that look similar to those a few years ago, and still haven't moved them from the warehouse they were/are in. The ones I bought have EV drivers. If someone is in need of them, let me know. 

Great, now I am thinking about them again🤔

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