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Im new to Website.

Glenda Cornell

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Welcome Glenda,

It's nice to hear you are a Klipach lover too. My wife has been on this site before too, last time I think was looking for Klipsch posters/ads. The BB members were very helpful but we are still looking as we haven't found any yet. Plus she helped me do the bidding on my Khorns I bought off of ebay. Wives that support our fanatical lifstyle are cool.

EJ 3.gif

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I have loved klipsch since 1995 when i had my first experience with the kg 5.5s . The only bad thing about kg 5.5s is the boxes fell apart. The sound from them shook them apart! we have had many kinds of klipsch that has gone threw this house and i find that the K-Horns are the best.The K-Horns are the most clearest sound that i have ever heard and it is like being there with the instuments playing !!! glenda9.gif

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You are a lucky man Jim. If my wife ever decides to post on this forum I suggest you all wear hard hats and dig foxholes.

The nicest comment I get out of her these days is - Yes dear - but turn it down!!

In that gentle purring voice that only wives and grizlies can manage.

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