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I kind of hesitated before I put this here in the tech section but what the heck. Today's humor in the tech world can be found here.  https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/what-s-your-vote-for-the-most-ridiculous-overpriced-and-useless-tweak?utm_source=sendgrid&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=website


I am a bit shocked that no one mentions $60,000 dollar speaker cables and all the rest of the preposterous junk for sale there. But watching the defense of the indefensible and wondering who has ties to whom is quite amusing. I love the fairytale side of Audiogon and all the goodies that work so well because of the Pixie dust liberally dispersed as heretofore plebian devices become the golden way to patrician audio nirvana.

  Audiogon has some real people with real tech value and then there are those others.

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If you are wiring a dedicated circuit for your audio sytem, THIS is the wire to use. Audience In-Wall wire is UL rated for in wall use, and is simply the purist, best sounding wire you could use to power your audio system. Robert Harley, and the Head Geek both use it in our listening rooms.

You have 3, 10 AWG high purity stranded copper conductors for the hot, neutral and ground legs. There is an additional drain wire for the shield, and the outer metal jacket offers additional protection from screws, nails, and RFI. Not only does this wiring sound good, it’s safe. The cable is also cryogenically treated to further reduce self-noise by decreasing the physical boundaries between the crystalline structure of the copper.

Features of Hidden Treasure include:
  • UL CL2 approved for 120v and 220v AC in wall applications
  • 10 AWG, 3 conductors
  • Stranded 99.9999% pure OFC, cryogenically treated copper conductors
  • XLPE dielectric with PVC sleeve
  • Foil shielded
  • Flexible
  • 18mm OD

UL listed yes...... For what type of application? ..... UL listed for use as branch circuit power wiring?

CL2: This is a cable jacket fire resistance rating defined in Article 725 of the National Electric Code. It stands for "Class 2 Remote-Control, Signaling, and Power-Limited Circuits" cable, which indicates that the cable is suitable for in-wall installation and use for certain low-voltage applications. Examples of Class 2 circuits include burglar alarm cabling, intercom wiring, and speaker wire. The jacket is designed to protect against voltage surges of up to 150 volts.



  Well I guess I have been buying the wrong stuff!!

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"We recommend hiring a professional electrician" A licensed pro would not install this as power wire.

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11 hours ago, LTusler said:

"We recommend hiring a professional electrician" A licensed pro would not install this as power wire.

There are a ton of Audiogon people who don't have one lick of sense but they do know how to boast of purchase price.




Then there is this https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/an-audiophile-is-anyone-who-loves-audio-regardless-of-monetary-status?utm_source=sendgrid&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=website


and this which is hysterical to me since 95% of all the gear mentioned there falls in this category



I want a good laugh I know where to go.

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1 hour ago, Deang said:

It took me a week to find these I just couldn't remember the name of them

I wonder if they make a Shakti spatula for cooking? Better yet a Shakti beanie cap to replace my tinfoil one.

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I recommend gluing these to the bottom of everything. I even use one under the seat in my van and they are amazing. Not only is the ride better I could swear the sound system has improved by a surprising amount.









Stacore  Poland
Anti-vibration pneumatic platform
Product Features:

STACORE BASIC+ — High End anti-vibration pneumatic platform for extra heavy audio components.

Almost limitless load capability opens a chance to isolate even the heaviest audio equipment. Ideal for heavy turntables, amplifiers, monoblocks or speakers. Visually BASIC+ platform is identical with the BASIC model.

Each platform is packed in a deluxe flight case with a CNC milled foam insert to ensure a safe transport.

* Due to high manufacturing cost this product is only sold direct
   through Aaudio imports in US & Canada

* Intro Platforms & CLD Footers are also sold through dealers

Product Specifications:

- 22.8” x 18.9” x 4.25” (WxDxH)
- Larger custom sizes available per request

- 136.4 lbs.

Max Load:
- 352 lbs.
- Max load capabilities up to 1000kg available per request

Brand News:
Stacore High End Vibration Control, May 2019
Read More »
Official Website:





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