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Clapton Crossroads 2019


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On 9/29/2019 at 7:50 AM, Davis said:

I was very impressed by this young man.


He rocked Seattle last Tuesday. I had not seen nor heard of him until the Crossroads Fest. He was the revelation of the Fest for me. I couldn't wait to see him. Not one person that I have talked to since September '19 had heard of him either. So I was not sure that there would be a crowd on hand for the show. Sold out! The crowd buzzed for him to hit the stage after the incredible opening of Dee White and his band. And his first 'song' was 4 or 5 songs long. One 7-8 second break to change guitars was the longest he went without playing. He couldn't show what he what truly capable of at the Fest or on an LP. But this is was one of the truly very best shows I have EVER seen. And I'm gettin old! The crowd was sweaty and spent at the end. A truly must see artist.

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Just finished watching the CVD's. My opinion is that although I wasn't as thrilled with it like the prior editions in regards to some of the performers, probably because some have died and all, like all of us, are just plain getting old, etc. But I will say this edition does have some historical importance. 

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