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Panasonic and Klipsch Partnering for Automotive Audio


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1 minute ago, Randyh said:

I remember 1975 , we got the first SL1200-SL1100 and the turntables  could withstand punishment for years on end -  non stop night after night , stock arm , and that was all over the world and 45 years later  , they're still around -

Yes some good stuff. Do understand where the previous is coming from. No disrespect


You would think I would have some of the related stock.


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16 minutes ago, Randyh said:

Panasonic is bigger than Klipsch , they own Technics , the cooperation would bring  a top Japanese amplifier manufacturer and a top speaker manufacturer together , that's really an Opportunity for Klipsch to radiate the brand worldwide

Panasonic is a huge company that provides all type of components to manufactures worldwide. I would be surprised if every forum user did not own at least one item that has a Panasonic component in it.

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4 minutes ago, Randyh said:

no disrespect taken , as well people also  forget that Panasonic makes batteries , that are top notch in electrical cars  , some Milwaukie branded products are also OEM Panasonic - Klipsch will do well with Panasonic -2 titans-

Was speaking of a previous poster and not you . Said I understood but, maybe not.

While we are on it, I have a germaine story which I recalled...

Not going to post it now...

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