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My mother wants a Bose wave radio for Christmas.

Big Bean

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I have a Bose wave radio in my office and everyone is very impressed with it...just because it is a Bose Wave Radio. I like it just fine for what I use it for, which is not critical music listening.

Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas when you were growing up?

If you love her get her the radio! 12.gif

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we got one for my dad, the big one. then i got some promedia v2.400's and we realized what we were missing, so we did something with those and got him a yamaha amp and some synergy speakers, SB-2's i believe. add a cd player and we still were under the BOSE price, and actually smaller cause that big ol' bose thing is... big

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You give your mother exactly what she wants for Christmas. There is no reason not to.

She, hopefully, did the same for you. And if she didn't, don't make it an issue.

Get the one with a CD player and buy some of her favorite music.


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Big Bean... you can go with what William said.. get her the Bose plus some CDs and she'll be happy. Or.. you can get her one of the (less garish, more tatsteful) "boombox/ shelf systems" out there, and she'll STILL probably be happy, the music will sound the same, and you will have saved mucho $$$.

OR... you could get her an NAD L-40 system. It is a small NAD receiver/ CD player combo with a pair of PSB Alpha speakers. (PSB Alphas are similar to the old Synergy Line KSB 1.1s) If you're friendly with your audio dealer, you might even be able to swap the PSBs for the new SB-1s at the same price-- around $700 for the complete system full list/ less if you negotiate/ $300-$400 mint on Ebay.

Just a thought. The unit is quite small, there would be two small speakers on short leads, and the remote is simplicity, itself!

Good luck, and best wishes for the approaching Holidays!

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Big Bean,

In most all other cases, I would agree with the rest here, in that you should always honor your mothers' specific requests.


You would probably be doing her a favor if you ascertained the reason why she would chose Bose.

Did she get swept up in some of their broad-ranged advertising?

Or is she already familiar with Bose Co. and their product line?

You could discuss with her the possibilty of listening to some other small desktop systems that are now available.

You could find her something of a far better build and sound quality (within the same approximate size of a Wave) for the same amount of money if not much less.

I suggest the Denon D-M30s system.

It's a sweet little 20 watt/channel receiver with a front load CD player.

Comes with a pair of light hardwood veneered, 2 way Mission mini monitors.

Very nice and very small.

Plus, the sound is far superior to the Wave. IMO.

All that for a relaxing $450.00

I have the previous model of this exact same system.

It's one of the coolest little 2 channel set-ups i've ever had the pleasure to play with.

I think it has a great tuner and solid CD transport.

It pulls in stations that none of my other systems even can touch.


I've accidentally dropped it from about roughly 4.5/5 feet a few times.


Heck..she's like my ole' timex.

It takes a lickin' and keeps on spinnin'.

She really is a tough little S.O.B.

I have hooked every speaker in my arsenal to that puppy a time or two.

She speaks loud and clear through them all, especially with my different Klipsch.

I actually take it with me to many of my gatherings and social doings.

It's a blast trying different loudspeakers with my micro-Denon monster.

I love to see people light up with surprize when hook this little dude to their home speakers.

80% of the time, it wows me too.

It's well worth an extended Demo of this tiny SS gem.

I can't say for sure that the new model is identical to my UDM3, but it would appear to be simply an upgraded version on mine.

While there are many other fine choices in the desktop area, for me the buck stopped with the Mini-Denon.

Hands down, I found it to be the best overall dollar for dollar value in mini systems.

Of course, this all is just my opinion.

And we all know what those are like.


In the greater scope of things, if all she really wants is the magnificently over-marketed Wave Radio, for it's symbolic quality or some other mother-only-knows reason, then by all means do accomodate her wishes.

That would certainly be the most honorable thing to do.

After all, if not for her then not would be you.1.gif

FYI... I have heard, that in some distant lands, a converted bose supporter is to be considered a soul saved and the savior is deemed worthy of the highest commendation allowed by tribal law..9.gif

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If mummy wants a Bose radio then get her one. Not everybody cares that much about sound reproduction but every mother wants to feel loved...

Trust me - that Bose radio sounds a heap better than the radio my mother listens to. I wish she would ask for such a thing. Last time I bought her an all in one integrated CD player thing I found out that she gave it to my brother 6 months later.

Music reproduction ranks fairly low on her list of priorities.

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Reminds me of the year my brother and I wanted a Golden Retriever puppy for Christmas. We envisioned chasing the dog in the yard, teaching it to catch a frisbee, and wrestling with our new "best friend". We hounded Mom and Dad for 2 months begging for a Golden Retriever. We couldn't sleep Christmas eve with the hope and anticipation of getting our new puppy.

As usual on Christmas morning we were scrounging around under the tree before dawn and pestering our parents to get out of bed and get the present opening started. After we had opened all the gifts Dad went into the garage for the grand finale...and brought in our new puppy...a Chihuahua!!! This dog is so much better than a Golden Retriever they said, doesn't shed, doesn't eat much, and much easier to keep the yard clean!

A pet is a pet, right?

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Doesn't Bose and Cambridge both offer the 30 day money back thing?

"Hey mom, you know, there is something else that probably sounds much better -- but I want you the hear both to see what you think. After you hear them, you can pick the one you want."

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