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2 hours ago, BigStewMan said:

hey buddy ... I know you like prog ... I've known of these cats for years; but I've really been getting into them.  I think they're fantastic. 

Re - Genesis 

brings me in a better mood now ...Do you have this one ?  @Full Range or @dirtmudd

That Shepherd album, I think it’s a selection of songs from the BBC sessions unreleased - and I am sure it’s now a bootleg of an unofficial release  

from 1990 or thereabouts 


I have just about all the Genesis albums and love them all equally 

But I have a soft spot for - Genesis - Nursery Cryme 😎

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One of my favorites. All home-run tunes on this one:


Can't categorize it... nice music, fun music, pick me up tunes or good-time listening.

Little Feat covered it all except maybe serious listening on this one !!





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Going through cleaning stuff, new-wave non-aerosol spray cans, paraffin & wax. Packing up & feeling the inevitable. So in my frame of mind this am these guys I discovered last year with the LP deluge I came under.


Now onto these guys that played the honky-tonks around here in the 70s!




If you peruse the tunes you can recognize the 60s harmonies with the leaning towards southern rock & country.

Cowboy had some interesting members or guest members for us that like those genres!

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On 4/16/2021 at 1:50 AM, Full Range said:

Re Rabbit story. - It wasn’t me 

England is closer to @MicroMara 🤪

they were closer to me , now after the Brexit ....England is so far away like never before .....even flights to London now also take longer ....

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1 hour ago, BigStewMan said:

is you tube trying to push their "pay" service to watch videos without commercials or what.  seems that the numbers of ads has skyrocketed lately. 

It has already become very questionable to what extent the user is forced to either watch the video for free and have to endure the advertising or alternatively to buy a non-free subscription in order to not have to watch this advertising. 

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