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Being a prog fan, not as much as you and Paul... I think this one might just be their best even despite being a metal headed guy for the most part!

Glad to return the favor, as many times you've knocked my socks off with stuff new to me that you've posted from your botanical sound garden!

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7 hours ago, Shiva said:

A song I've never heard before.   Deep Purple's- Sweet Child of Mine- 

A great song for sure 

Another song that I like but not enough room on the album 

When a Blind Man Cries " was recorded during the Machine Head sessions, but was not included on the album. Instead, it was used as the B-side on the "Never Before" single.




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56 minutes ago, BigStewMan said:

Personally, I find their song LAZY to be their best work. it's a work of art. 


41 minutes ago, Shiva said:

Lol, words to live by, I see.  Too Lazy to post it?😀

Lazy buggers - here is a nice live version 



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Received this new CD yesterday .....Kraan is a legendary "  Krautrock" Band from Germany with their 2020 released Album  " Sandglass "


Ten years after the release of their last studio album "Diamonds" and 50 years after the band's foundation, the legendary (fusion) rock formation Kraan finally comes up with a new studio album to the delight of their fans. And the wait was definitely worth it. On "Sandglass", the virtuosic band celebrates its innovative mix of rock and jazz, enriched with psychedelic and funk elements and completely timeless. The thirteen brand-new compositions, characterized by sophisticated harmonies and grooves, sound wonderfully fresh, melodically relaxed and at the same time electrifying. While exceptional bassist Hellmut Hattler together with drummer Jan Frides elegantly and powerfully provide the refined grooving rhythm framework, guitarist Peter Wolbrandt fascinates with his equally urgent and artfully filigree string and synthesizer arts. Always homogeneous in their interplay, the trio manages to preserve its band-typical, seemingly weightless group sound while at the same time coming up with new, surprising ideas (and occasional pop appeal). On the track "Moonshine On Sunflowers" some samples of the longtime Kraan keyboardist Ingo Bischof, who died last year, are used, which come from Hellmut Hattler's sound archive. "An enjoyable late work!" "This inspires: fresh, art-rock-infatuated, with nods to jazz-rock ... And with devotion to Sixties sounds.




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