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2 hours ago, JohnJ said:

It was "the Rat Patrol", "Lost in Space" & "The Green Hornet" that I watched. Not sure of the order.


I watched all them as well 

And include Gilligan's Island, Green Acres, Beverly Hillbillies, Mr Ed, Petticoat Junction and many others.



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^^^^^^ Some funny stuff right there.  EVERY show of his began w/just a jam and turned into a masterpiece.  Guess I'm gonna burn an hour watching this since I haven't seen it before.  You could NEVER underestimate those 3.  It ALWAYS cooked before they were done.  Sooooo many got it but really didn't "get it."  People have NO IDEA where they really were.  Thanks Shiva! 

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Waking up while it's still dark for two hours messed me up today. Happens every now and then so I needed a lift and just played part of an oldie:( Heck that's bad when you can remember when it came out!  This is how we rolled in jr high!

Standing Room Only - Get to the coliseum right after you get out of school at 2:05pm - they let you in around 6pm - the show's around 8


OK kids... cover your ears ya know that ol rock & roll is bad for you:P


1st My favorite tune of his:


Then a tried and true cover:


& a pretty good encore:


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