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12 minutes ago, Subway said:


I'll watch 5his instead...thanks.

Enjoy your picks...

JohnJ old bud found me again mentioned... Sugar the road song.

2hen we speak again, will let know you enabled me from your lp collection... btw, listened to machine head today. Almost forgot both sides, all hits... cool.

Almost forgot your knob hill find.


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4 minutes ago, JohnJ said:


Do you recall hearing Motorhead at parties long ago? Don't think I ever heard them on the radio, but check this out via my phone feed:




Their name long ago reminded me of DP...

BTW, rained all last week here, around 20 inches plus.

TS Fred promises more... let 6he grass grow.

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1 hour ago, billybob said:

Maybe FR has a view.

Others here know, not going to let a frozen top stop me... Cheers!


First time I have seen/ heard it

Meteor Shower sounds like Euro House 

Not that there is anything wrong with that 🤪

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Here's one for the dude in the Fedora from the land down under!  Cherry Grind from their debut album "A room with a view.  "Dusty Road"



Also the "Angels" down there on the rock but "Angel City" here in the states.



:)  Rock on Paul!  


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