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LaScala custom Center Channel


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Hey gang.  Thought I would share the custom heritage channel I made for my LaScala based home theater.  This started when I refurbished a vintage pair of La Scalas (AA crossover).  After some excellent two channel listening, I decided to convert that room into a theater room and went about collecting 4 Academies for surrounds.  I got super lucky when a single LaScala (later model with a AK-3 Crossover) became available.  The problem I had was that the third 'Scala was too tall in the center position as for comfy viewing I wanted my screen lower.


After some research, consulting Mr. Crites, and enlisting the help of a friend with a woodworking shop, I scavenged the tweeter, midhorn, got the crossover Mr. Crites sells for his Cornscala design, estimated the surface area of the Cornsacala woofer and translated that to two Classic Woofers from PartsExpress, and designed a cabinet to hold everything w/ proper cabinet volume and can fit under the screen, and voila:  The LaSquata


The results are beyond my expectations.  Wide dispersion, crystal clear clear voice tracks on movies, matching timbre and response.


I am powering this with an NAD AVR and added two HSU 15" subs.  It's quite epic, comparable to a commercial movie theater and the whole house shakes during LFE segments.

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The dimensions for the cabinet were 47 x 13 x 25.  We made it out of MDF, so its quite a beast to move around, but hey, I've got LaScalas so what is another large box in my front stage??  It looks relatively compact sitting under the screen.


For the woofers, I uses 2 X Dayton Audio DC250-8 10" Classic Woofer


My logic was to approximate the surface area of the original woofer and then wire them in parallel to match the impedance.




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On 10/5/2020 at 5:26 PM, Thaddeus Smith said:

LaSquata - officially named by user tswei on October 4, 2020. (for posterity's sake, during the inevitable argument over who called this that first and subsequent forum searches for answers).

Actually, this is a term I read somewhere on this forum years ago when I started thinking about this project.  Not sure who it was, but someone else had the same need (getting a center channel to match the big Heritage speakers).  I tried to connect w/ him/her but never heard back.  When I stumbled upon the single LsScala I just could not resist trying this.

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