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Starting a new build of a set of Belles.


Material is 24mm baltic birch ply for the doghouse & 18mm baltic birch ply for the rest of the cabinet. The sides & back will have two layers of 18mm ply. 

Here is the new table saw which should do the job. 


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First up is a full scale drawing of the dog house. From there I will work outwards towards the external sides of the cabinet. 


The dimensions were altered to account for the thicker ply material & to keep the internal dimensions of the dog house the same as the original design. 



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Then I made a jig to cut the steep angle on the ramps. If I did this again I would make this a bit differently as with this jig I couldn't cut through the full width of the material & had to do two cuts. Still came out reasonably OK though. 






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Just a dry fit for one of the cabs. All seems to go together OK.


Need to complete the other cab & then dismantle & start veneering. 


Will veneer the doghouse, the inside of the bottom panel & the inside of the side panels. 


Then fit the backs & the extra layers for the sides & back. 




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Completed the rear panels today, complete with splitters. 

Just used some scrap material for the splitters & cut to size on the table saw. 


Also made a template for the veneer to go on the inside of the cabinets......at the bottom of the cabinet between the sides & the dog house. The template is sitting on the top of the cabs.... it fits really well.  I removed the bottom of the cabinets ......placed the cardboard underneath & traced out the shape.


It's going to be tricky to adhere this, as the contact cement only gives you one go.  





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Waiting on some screws to arrive before I can continue with the bass bin, so started on the mid horns. 


Will do these a few segments at a time.....here's the first five segments. 


These are glued & screwed together. Dave provides dowel pins to key them together in the correct position, so you can't really go wrong. 

Bought a Die Grinder to get the rough sections off first & then hand sand with varying levels of sandpaper.


The die grinder makes light work of this job & you can easily position it to remove even small amounts of material. I wish I had this when I built my last two sets!


Screws arrived today, so will get back to the bass bins on Wednesday.






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