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Integrated Amplifier Reccomendations


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Hey I'm sure this has been asked hundreds of times. Recently purchased some Forte II's. I listen to mostly classic rock, industrial, jazz, blues, and synthpop like Depeche mode. What is your recommendations on a good amplifier to pair with these preferably under $500 dollars. New or vintage. Thanks!

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Welcome to the forum.


As far as "vintage" goes, trust me on this one, 80's/90's Denon PMA amps.

Fast and punchy, neutral, great dynamic headroom.  Love them.




I have owned the PMA-700V, PMA-500V, PMA-777, PMA-757, PMA-1080R, and each had some time driving my Fortes and Quartets and they all did it beautifully.


"Newish", look for NAD C356BEE or Cambridge Audio 650A or similar variants.


Where is your location?



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Hit Craigslist for a quality used surround amp about 10 years old for $100-200 with good specs

and turn off all of the surround features, and use it as a DAC and integrated amp.

It's a buyers market, especially if there are no HDMI ports.

Get first owner with the remote and books


100 WPC should be easy to score, Pioneer, Yamaha, Harmon Kardon, others.

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I'm with Bubo on this: try the used market on craigslist.


I heard a pair of Forte I's with a 20 watt per channel solid state receiver and there was PLENTY of power to crank the Forte's.


If you want new, I find Yamaha and NAD to be affordable quality.


Yamaha's AS-301 or NAD's C 326-BEE or C 316-BEE will meet your price point and your needs. I own Yamaha.

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Hi, sort of related topic... regarding connecting powered speakers to amp.

New to Klipsch. I just purchased new Sixes. I had my Technics SL1200 turntable and additional CD player connected via a Marantz 2242b receiver. Opted for the Sixes to replace Wharfedales passive speakers, primarily for looks and Bluetooth capabilities. 

Question is, can I connect the Sixes to the receiver via a pre out connector on receiver.....into the line in phono connection on sixes....to get better sound from the receiver instead of the pre installed phono amp in Sixes. And also will this work via the aux for the CD player. Don’t want to damage either the receiver or speakers and want to get best sound possible.


thanks for any advice...

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Rotel integrated amps offer great bang for the buck. Plus a myriad of connections on some of the more recent offerings, i.e. RA-12. Toslink/Coaxial connections, phono section, USB port in front faceplate, built in DAC....used prices should be in your wheelhouse. More than enough power to drive Forte speakers. 

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