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1984 Walnut Belles


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Time to sell my Belle Klipsch speakers.  I have purchased another set of Klipsch, and have to make room.  

I have owned these beauties for about 20 years.  Purchased them locally from the original owner.  

1984 issue.  I remember them as sequential numbers.  Unfortunately, I lost the ID tag on one of the speakers; the other is pictured.  

Starting in 1984, Klipsch supposedly quit stamping serial numbers on Belles.  If anyone has an idea where I can find a serial #, please let me know.  

Notice the grain pattern.  They are pretty much a match, so I am selling them as sequential.  

The only changes to them have been my upgrade to Crites AA crossovers.  I will include the Klipsch type AB crossovers original to the speakers.  

The cabinets and grills are in great condition.  Minimal nicks/wear to the cabinets.  No water stains on the tops, fraying of the grills, etc.  

These speakers look good, sound phenomenal, and make the impact Paul Klipsch intended with the design.  

I have powered them with MC275 and MC7270; tube or SS, they sound great.  The only reason I am selling them is because I am downsizing.  

I've included a few photos.  I can send others to individuals seriously interested.  Just let me know.  Prefer local pickup; shipping will be expensive.  

$3000.00 with Crites and original crossovers.  $2750 with original AB crossovers.  I'm in the Memphis, TN area.  







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On 4/15/2021 at 8:15 PM, luddite said:

$3000.00 with Crites and original crossovers.  $2750 with original AB crossovers.  I'm in the Memphis, TN area. 

great shape , GLWS-------------these Belle speakers are just beautiful ,too bad you are  not closer -

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John was great to deal with.  The Belle’s were as advertised.  You can buy with confidence when dealing with him.


oh, and yes.....the Belle’s sound very sweet!  My old HK 730 mates very well with them. 


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