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How do I get bass out of Klipsch Cornwall IV?

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22 hours ago, Joecoulson said:

Yeah. Unfortunately that unit will not work for HT bypass. Even if you tried to use the Zone 2 out, it would probably not have the DD and Atmos info on those lines. New AVR will be necessary.  

Ah ok that makes more sense to me. Thanks man. 

13 hours ago, Shakeydeal said:

Separate the home theater and two channel. You’ll have better performance for both, but especially for music listening, which everyone knows is most important…🤔

Thank you sir! One day!

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  • 11 months later...

Just seen your post - I have similar setup 300B tube amp/Cornwalls/Denafrips Venus II - put 6N copper speaker wire to smooth the sound (changed from Nordost) to get big room shaking bass was simple - got Roon with HQPlayer and its like a completely different system - all I could want...give it a go and you will never look back...Graham in UK. 

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On 6/5/2021 at 9:53 PM, Square Ian said:

In an effort to stimulate the economy, I bought a pair of Klipsch Cornwall IVs. I was stoked to receive them, but upon hooking them up to my system, I was shocked by what seems like completely absent mid-lows / lows.

Hi, you haven't thought about passive bi-amping using the crossover of the cornwall IV. You could put an amp with adjustable gain, the parasound a23 comes to mind, to drive only the klipsch woofers, perhaps looking for it used, and thus dose the energy of the 15" as you prefer, just to experiment. I don't know, however, if the Primaluna in your possession has a pre-out to which you could connect it. While on the horns you could keep your Primaluna. Incidentally when klipsch switched from chorus to chorus II, closed the reflex holes and added a rear passive woofer, leaving the dimensions of the cabinet unchanged, as well as switching to tractrix horns. I have the Cornwall III and I wanted to do the same thing, that is to close the front reflex and add an 18" woofer at the back. I haven't found any craftsman in the sector willing to make the modification. Many years ago I owned forte' II, that type of bass they gave off and that monstrous drop in hertz they had were fantastic, different from the forte IV I recently heard in the shop... Who knows if that modification would better suit the Cornwall III or the IV (at least I'd look for it used). I translated with Google, sorry for the mistakes

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