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looking for a GOOD REPUTABLE place to buy Triodes


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I once found a 71A laying next to a trash can at a vintage garage sale once...tested strong, like it was new.


Years ago, I bought a NOS GE 2A3 H plate from a friend for 50 bucks.

I finally found a mate at a garage sale for two bucks four years ago. It tested just as strong as the NOS tube.


71A should still be found for reasonable prices as NOS.

Or get an adapter socket like A1UC mentions and use 46.

46 can sound just as good as a 45 and can be had for a cheaper price.

(never have heard 46 however)

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I’ve liked buying tubes from Brent Jesse. His prices seem good and he’s easy to deal with. 

Ive also like the TJs full music 45’s I got. They just did another run of them, so there should be some

new ones floating out in the world. 

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Of the 2A3's out there barring USA NOS types, I have found the Sovtek 2A3 to be a great value. I have tested them against NOS RCA and I personally don't hear much of a difference, if any, in a blind test. 


I'm sure that will start a firestorm, but I'm just throwing my opinion out there. For a little over $100USD, the Sovtek 2A3's sound great and are very reliable. I know you said you were looking for 45's, but if your going to build an amp, using 2A3's over 45's won't affect the cost of the amp too much and you'll have twice the power. 

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