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compression driver for K400 horn 1 inch vs 2 inch

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I have a pair of 1989 AK2 Khorns with I think the composite K400's. I do not want to change the horns or crossovers. But I do what to move away from the stock CD's. I can keep the originals if I ever want to return them to stock form.

Question....there are a lot of aftermarket choices. I would like to know is there a advantage using a 2 inch throat CD over the 1 inch provided that it could be adapted to the K400?

Does anybody use 2 inch CD's? Thanks

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I have not seen an adapter to go from a 2" driver to a 1" horn and unless something has changed, its the horn more so than the driver.  Not saying its terrible, but the Atlas driver is very good (assuming yours has the Atlas driver). 


Anyways, move to a 2 inch horn and there are endless possibilities for 2" drivers. 

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16 hours ago, Fast996 said:

is there a advantage using a 2 inch throat CD over the 1 inch provided that it could be adapted to the K400?



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There are a few slightly better drivers (is that what you mean by CD?  that normally means "Constant Directivity.)  for the K-400.  You can try John Allen's A-55G; it has demonstrated lower distortion.  You probably want to change to a Type AA crossover, or modify your AK2, a little for it.  Your K-55-M is 1 to 2 dB hotter, depending on frequency and driver tolerance.  The K-55-M is a good driver, with few problems.


A driver with a 2" throat is not a good match to a horn with a 0.7" inlet/throat, regardless of the adapter. 


The advantage of a 2" driver is lower distortion at a given dB, outside the likely design and construction precision improvements.  Are you really playing your Klipschorns so loud you can hear squawker distortion?  It is often described as "frying bacon". 

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When I first bought my used LaScala's, I thought they sounded great. I had read many threads here on the forum about the K400 (metal) horn not being the best, but I could not hear the "harshness" that was discussed. After many hours of listening, especially at high(er) listening levels, I began to hear the harshness. Now even at lower levels, I can clearly detect the sound of the K400 (metal) horn. It's not totally unlistenable, but it does have a forward character to it. 


My LaScala's were DJ speakers and fairly beat up, but the original drivers were in good shape. When I get around to refurbishing the cabinets, I am going to change the K400 and tweeter out.  


If you want to experiment, I would go with a different horn, not driver. If you go with a different driver you will more than likely have to change or modify the crossover. 

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