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Altec A-7

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A lot of new product and a lot of new people, and most don't come here to read about Altec and/or other loudspeakers.


I remember the great purging of 2007, when Amy banned all of the Polk fan boys and put the rest of us in Klipsch prison. 


There are other cool places for this kind of thing.







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38 minutes ago, the real Duke Spinner said:

Roy, I find it interesting to compare the Design choices that had to be made. 

For the A-7, it's lack of low end

 Then the instance of my ,(4) KHi 

In the KH  . the Atlas mid driver








Yeah. That got my curiosity up. The A-7 is a classic and showed how different design choices can still make a classic speaker. 

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I've always found the Altec A7 to be a speaker system of interest simply because it was contemporary of Klipsch and because of their niche:  Theater ( Voice of the Theater....) and PA, one would see these often in the garage band.


The Altec A7 has a very enthusiastic following and adherents just as the Klipsch Heritage do.


I found this article to be a good read:  https://audioxpress.com/article/altec-lansing-s-voice-of-the-theatre-speakers-what-you-need-to-know

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On 8/30/2022 at 7:11 PM, the real Duke Spinner said:

Can any modern speaker really best this ??

Do not offer conjecture if you have never heard them

Acoustics have not changed since this Pinnacle of design

Modern speakers just have different design constraints


Yes, many can.


I owned and put some money and time into a pair of Altec A-7 speakers. My Klipschorns sounded better. I sold the A-7 speakers and their new owner was very happy. They are called Voice Of The Theatres, because they were mainly designed to reproduce the male voice for movie theaters and they do that very well, but lack sound quality for home use. They don’t reproduce low frequencies that good and lack some highs. They do mids well spreading them out and mid bass. I was very disappointed with them, but understand why some like them. Like most speakers, they do somethings well, but lack in someways that were unacceptable to me. I see some add tweeters to them and subwoofers could be added too, but I didn’t want to go that route with them, so sold them. I’d bet my Chorus II would sound better than them too, but it can be unfair comparing a three way against two way. I’ve heard many speakers that sound better than the A-7, but it deserves its recognition.  I think the Altec 19 is better and designed for home use, so I’d prefer them for home use. I considered using what I had in my A-7 components and building 19 cabinets for them, but didn’t want to undo what I had done and lost interest.

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