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OFF: Walnut La Scala IIs


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A new smaller house is in the works, so it is with great regret I offer these Walnut La Scala IIs. They are “B” stock due to the mismatched veneer, but who cares when you view the entire speaker (and I seldom look at the sides of them)? I am somewhat OCD about audio equipment and the prior owner was just as “careful;" they are flawless. I keep a sheet over them when not in use (the gray sheets are included). These loudspeakers have no issues. They are as sonically & visually stunning as you would expect. I suspect there will be no WAF issues when they are viewed. The photographs really don't convey the total impact of the reddish tones and dark veining. They nearly match my 70th anniversary Heresys in color & veining. They are stunning in person (hyperbole until you sell them yourself).


While I have the boxes, I will not ship them. That requires pallets & strapping. I sold my F-150 (no one needs a diesel right now) so delivery is not an option. I’m south of Nashville and north of DaveA, so make a country music weekend out of it. You are welcome to audition them (sorry, no SS; tubes rule) or just pick them up on the fly; your call.


So to recap:


-La Scala IIs


-Original Boxes


Any questions? Please message me. Thanks!

LS II 2 5.jpeg

LS II 2 4.jpeg

LS II 2 3.jpeg

LS II 2  2.jpeg

LS II 2.jpeg

LS II 2 6.jpeg

LS II Boxes - 1.jpeg

LS II 2 7.jpeg

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On 10/25/2022 at 1:41 PM, jimjimbo said:

Considering these are in original boxes, this should be easy for Uship.


Perhaps. The first pair of La Scala IIs I bought were packed and strapped one speaker per pallet for freight shipment, not UPS, FedEx, etc. I picked them up at the Yellow Freight Terminal. I suspect that is how new La Scalas are shipped. 


When boxed, these easily exceed "package" limitations for most "consumer"shippers (a maximum total of 165" for all dimensions for UPS).


If I still had my F150, two pallets & and strapping tools, these would be a cinch to ship. But alas, I have none. 😕

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17 minutes ago, Schu said:

any shipment requires 2 pallets... at roughly 4-600 for each.

That was pretty close to what I was finding for a van rental.  May be able to get a pick up cheaper although I think I'd feel more comfortable with something enclosed. 


I even looked at uhaul for one of their little trucks and was surprised how expansive that was. 

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8 minutes ago, OO1 said:

5x8 Cargo Trailer Rental | U-Haul


Any issues with using a rental car to pull something like that?  I guess I can look into it.


I've also never driver with a trailer and have no idea how to do so.  I'm guessing straight is no problem and I'll just have to pray I never have to go in reverse.


But interesting idea and they seem to be fairly cheap to rent.

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its strange, its very tough to find a bigger vehicle for a one way trip.


I have a good corporate acct with Avis, if you use pickup and dropoff in Nashville, there's a van, pickup, full size SUV, pickup, etc.  When you change to a 1 way trip dropping off in Tampa, all of those become unavailable.  Now it make sense because even on expedia, there were very few, if any, bigger trucks avail.  i bet if you change the search to a local rental, a ton of trucks will open up.

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16 minutes ago, michaelwjones said:


How about a round trip from Tampa? 😎


ha, that does seem to work.  But oh my, that's a lot of driving.  I usually tap out at 4-5 hours for the day (and that's if I absolutely have to).  Will have to do some soul searching for this, I suppose.  I'm not sure what the rental plus hotel, gas, time, etc will compare to finding someone to strap these to some pallets and shipping.


we also ran into something with a "local" rental where the agreement said it could not be taken out of state.  I'm not sure if that's a thing or not anymore.  I know we tried to rent a car to drive up to Charleston one summer a few years back just to save wear and tear on our vehicles and ran into that.

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