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WTB single Heresy


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On 11/20/2022 at 5:37 PM, tromprof said:

Doesn’t matter which model, cosmetically challenged fine too.


Singles are tough to come by -- hopefully you'll work out something with @jstrid.  Otherwise, probably easiest to find a pair and just use one.  You can either store the other or sell it yourself.

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@amheck. Found it here:



i have chorus 2 up front and agree this is the best solution for center (currently have KG series), but can’t make this work with the space. Damn chorus are big. Maybe someone will rescue it.

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27 minutes ago, Sam S. said:

@amheckis there a link to this ad or is it yours? I might be interested in the single chorus if OP isn’t. I’m not on FB, but this is about 4 hours from me. Hate to see a chorus “parted out”.

This is actually my ad. @amheck messaged me on Facebook and made me aware of the post here. The Chorus is still available. If it doesn't sell before the 20th, I have a guy coming from Des Moines on his way to Chicago that is grabbing it for his dad. If you are interested in getting it sooner than that, it's yours. 

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10 minutes ago, The Dude said:

Singles for sale?  Might not be a bad idea. 


yeah, I was thinking sales or alerts.  not sure how often people are looking for something like this so I just threw it out there.  not sure how well stickies work, though and if people just look at the new posts

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