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Lost my Dad this week


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Man it’s been a rough year.  My dog died in March.  My Dad died Wednesday while my brother and I were out of state on a fishing trip.  My Uncle is dying of prostate cancer.


Dad was 91 and had been in hospice at the VA since March so we knew something was going to happen sooner than later.  Air Force veteran, served in Korea.  He’ll have a headstone at Fort Snelling cemetery.


Prosequor Alis Dad.

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Sorry to hear this, it has been a rough year for you. 


He can rest now, after a long life with many accomplishments one of which is making it to 91 and a father plus a Veteran. RIP 

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7 hours ago, JL Sargent said:

Absolutely. Could not have put it better. Time to celebrate a good long life.

Thanks for that JL.  This place is truly a crazy place.  A few years ago a member passed who lived a couple hours away from me.  A lot of guys in here knew and respected him so I put on my game face and went to his calling hours.  I told his wife I'd never met him but knew of him and had read many of his posts here. 


She couldn't believe I drove all the way over to express my condolances for someone I didn't know.  I appreciated hearing that but the MAIN reason I went was just as a representative from this crazy gaggle.  It was bittersweet for sure but she and her daughter were smiling big time when I left them. 


Death completes the life-cycle and it happens every day.  She had NO idea how much that trip meant to me though.  Just a gaggle of wannabe's searcing for eutopia in here.  It's an extended family to me though.  Simple.

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