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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:


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I listen to those 39's in Indianapolis (Klipsch HQ). They were very nice to look at... BUT ever better to hear. So powerful. I can only imagine what the entire set-up sounds like.

Great looking room, and great looking pup!

Well done, my man. Well done.


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Thank you guys for all the great comments - I am almost blushing here I sit [:$]

Kornfedksboy - it sounds simply stunning, but I'm sure you can imagine that[:D]

Dgoreck - I had a hard time choosing the color but I am very happy with my choice - and they do look awesome in the sunlight!

Tragusa3 - My wife and I visited Epcot a couple of years ago - it is like a little taste of Norway, not as sophisticated as France or Italy I guess but a very nice, safe place to live - and we do have lots of amazing nature which is free for all to enjoy!!

Tigerman/TheFactor - thank you so much for the kind words - I am very happy with it, this is exactly what I wanted - the only way to better it is if I can get it all into your gorgeous HT room[;)] When I knew which components I wanted I searched very hard and I had almost given up finding a stand that looked the way I wanted it to and had the right dimensions - I was stoked when I finally found one and after a little drilling to get the middle shelf in the right place I was extremely pleased with how it worked out!!

KlipschHead281 - Great to hear from a fellow Norwegian!!! I love your furnace/AV stand combo and your clean setup! Oh man, now you have given me another problem - to double sub or not to double sub - do I really have to shell out more money for another sub - tempting it is - broke I am (in Yoda speak)!!

Boxx - thanks I really do - and I know you are enjoying your Palladiums - question, did you ever try to power them with anthing other than McIntosh?? I know that my Marantz are not really able to provide enough current to really let the P-39fs breathe but I really like listening to music in stereo when each of the MM7055s only use 2 out of the 5 channels to bi-amp each P-39f. This is the only upgrade I can envision in the coming years - change the power amps to something more worthy of the Palladiums[:P]

Wuzzzer - I indeed did. You are correct, that is what is recommended. My first idea was to have four P27s as side and rear surrounds, and I believe this is maybe the "best" for HT. However there were three main reasons for doing it the way I have: 1 - I have no side walls to hang the side surrounds on (windows to the left and just open space to the right), and the P-27s just don't look good on a stand. 2 - I love the design and look of the P-17bs - they complement the front P-39fs and the center P-27c perfectly and look much better on the Bello stands. 3 - The couch is very close to the rear wall and there simply was not any space to place the P-17bs there. The P-27s though fit perfectly. If my room had been 6 feet longer I probably would have used two P-17bs also as rear surrounds on similar Bello stands - simply because I think they look so good - I'm vain, I know[A]

Djwarila - I bought my TV in September and I had not really noticed the green tint - maybe it's just the side sunlight?? I don't know, it sure does look "black" when it is darker in the room.

Thanks again everybody!!

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Not very attached at all. I would like to sell the Kuro and do away with all the mess you see up front. I would like to go front projection and have room for a nice sub. A nice 90" or so screen would be nice and just have the sub, center and fronts showing , and have all the DVD players, VCR's and receiver in the back corner. As you can see from the pic i have no room for a sub unless i place it some place else other than up front.

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Fellow Viking! I hail from Oslo Norway originally and my mother was born in Voss. We miss it very much but had a blast going there for the 1994 Olympics. Big Smile

VERY nice system you have put together! I also love Klipsch and Marantz, my system is a bit tamer than yours but I do have dual AV123 MFW-15's in the system (plus they still work even!, long story). Have fun!

I need to update the picture, we have the new Samsung UN55C8000XF LED LCD, I moved the Plasma in this picture to the basement.


Beautiful setup Klipschhead
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lol I was just looking through your pictures and noticed it ! Yes sir it is savoy ! I picked it up a few weeks ago as a second one! It was On sale at the holts retail store. Nothing like a good cigar

Yes there beautiful humidors !! I've got like 5 or 6 and another that I call the high rent district with my pride collection pre-ban cubans and such [;)] Now wish I just had one big one because its so hard keeping them all at the proper humidity. I find myself collecting more then I do smoking them although I've got a Macanudo unwrapped im getting ready to spark up before the game today but in the garage of course dont want to get any smoke on my Klipsch or other gear [H]
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