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What are you Listening to Right this Second-Redux


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The Los Lonely Boys - Los Lonely Boys

California's Los Lobos are the reigning kings of Tex-Mex/Rock Espanol. But this debut CD by the San Angelo, Texas band Los Lonely Boys might herald a changing of the guard. This is truly a band of brothers, led by guitarist/vocalist Henry Garza and his younger, bass-and-drum-playing siblings Jojo and Ringo (no kidding). Like a lot of groups, they had to move away to achieve fame--in their case, to Nashville. But after the release of their EP, Willie Nelson heard them, put them on tour as his opening act, and recorded them at his studio--and the rest may be history. Stylistically, the Garza brothers' bilingual songs about love and life combine Stevie Ray Vaughan blues, Santana-style guitar licks and R&B. Nelson helps out on guitar, with Reese Wynans on keyboards. Produced by Keb Mo and B.B. King producer John Porter, the music is honest, driving, and down home, especially on the organ-filled uptempo tracks "Senorita" and "Tell My Why." The stinging guitar solo on the Afro-anthemic "Onda" recalls the '70s grooves Santana built his chops on, while "The Answer" and "More than Love" are raw power ballads that show off this group's dynamism and diversity. --Eugene Holley, Jr.

Johnny Winter - I'm a Bluesman

Texas guitar-slinger Johnny Winter bares some of his deepest roots on his first album of new recordings since 1998. In a rare turn on acoustic slide six-string, he performs fellow Lone Star State legend Hop Wilson's "That Wouldn't Satisfy" with the sweet, lovely simplicity of a street corner singer. Then Winter plugs in for Lazy Lester's stomping primal rocker "Sugar Coated Love." But after years of health issues, Winter, who's 60, has lost the roaring vocal authority of his earlier albums and no longer takes dizzying solos at jet speed. Instead, he makes all the notes of a tune like "Lone Wolf" count, whether he's crafting a slide melody or literally howling. "The Monkey Song," a playfully sleazy double-entendre number, proves his sense of humor is intact. And harmonica ace James Montgomery, who recently joined Winter's band, provides perfect accompaniment to Winter's vocal and guitar lines. Ex-Stevie Ray Vaughan keyboardist Reese Wynans also contributes to this overdue addition to Winter's dynamic blues-rock legacy. --Ted Drozdowski

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Blue Note 1507 - Thad Jones, "The Magnificent" A great recorded LP.

I see Allan and Gary were spinnin' The Great Jimmy Smith. I think I'll grab "Fourmost" next. Jimmy cookin' on the B3 with the likes of Turrentine, Burrell and Tate is somethin' special. "Summertime"

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On 9/11/2004 1:28:35 AM fini wrote:

Just finished listening to Alison Kraus & Union Station on the tube, in 5-ch. stereo (on the show, "Soundstage."). The sweetest voice, good lookin', and flawless musicianship.


Damn... I always seem to miss Soundstage. Hope to catch a repeat of that one...

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On 9/11/2004 10:06:24 AM seti wrote:

Tom Petty Wildflowers forgot how much I liked this cd : )


1.gif This is one of my benchmark cd's... a terrific range of tunes, and excellent recordings, to boot.

With a revealing system, most of the cuts sound like they are right there in your house... no let my amend that: with a revealing system, including a properly balanced sub that allows the room cues to be reproduced, you are there in the studio with the band.

At one time, especially through the process of upgrading, Wildflowers was in my cd changer all of the time (along with Sarah McLachlan "Surfacing", and a recording of Mozart's Piano Concertos 22 and 23 by Daniel Barenboim; originally recorded in analog in '67 and '72, the recordings have more immediacy and texture than any modern recordings of the same works that I have heard).

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