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BEC's Xovers Arrived

Jeff Matthews

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AFTER Bob rebuilt my crossovers my friends that had been coming over for grillouts asked what I changed : ). I don't turn the volume knob up as high as I used to either. Thanks again Bob.

I notice room on the other side of the cabinet for a second pair of crossovers might be nice to try something else as well.

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Now you'd hear the benefits nicer electronics cn bring to the table. Dean is usually right lately. Networks first.

OOCH! That's gotta hurt.


Not at all. The satisfaction outweighs the humility.

Even the triangle (ting-ting-ting) and maracas in Steely Dan's "Aja" were much more vivid.

The organs in Genesis' "Firth of Fifth" from Seconds Out are much more full. They just come down "from above" kind of like is shown in those oil paintings where the beams of sunlight break through the small cracks in the parting cumulus clouds.

And Rush's "YYZ" and "Limelight." It's hard to beat the production on that album. One of the tightest albums there ever was.

Okay. Enough stories.

I just wanted to eat humble pie in the most profound way I could. [;)]

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Got up and jammed some more this morning. Steely Dan's "Green Earrings," Supertramp's "Cannonball," Styx's "Fooling Yourself," Yes's "Round About" and "Long Distance Runaround."

I really got a nice charge out of the first 2 - so crisp, clean and dynamic. A lawyer buddy of mine is supposed to come by tomorrow to drop off some papers. He's never heard of Klipsch.

He will, now! [:o] ----> [;)]

Meagain, how's the bass on yours? I'm not through with you on the amp issue. [;)]

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Congrats. Now you know what you speakers sounded like when they left the factory.

And I'll be hearing what my Corns sounded like back in 1981, too!

Hey, while we're at it, maybe I'm wrong, but I thought used Heresies in good condition could be picked up for around $300. Now that I look, I'm seeing $500 and up. For that price, that's too close to good used Cornwalls to settle for less.

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For starters, I can no longer turn it up as loud anymore. If I did, it would bleed my ears to death on the mids and highs. Oh, yeah! They sound good. Not harsh at all. I just think I've been missing the proper proportion between bass and mid/high and never knew it.

This paragraph makes no sense to me. If they are not harsh then why can't you crank them up as loud?


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Well, you can have more mid and high frequency energy without it necessarily being harsh, and with the additional extension it doesn't take as much on the volume control to get that "all there" quality in the sound. However, and like I said earlier -- providing a clean midrange and lower treble at the higher SPLs isn't something the older networks are very good at. I sometimes still think headbangers might be happier with some nice lossy PIOs.:)

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What I'm saying is that the mids and highs used to be so closed (clogged up, lossy, whatever) that before the pain threshhold would hit, the volume used to be higher. The mids and highs are the only place IMO where increasing the volume reaches a pain threshhold - like when Craig LeMay says when I turned up his system he had to leave the room. It wasn't because of the punchy bass.

Now that the mids and highs are open, I am getting more dB's from them at the same volume.

After being down on the xover idea in the beginning, and seeing what BEC's re-caps did, I am very carefully steering clear of any attempt to say they are the end-all. It would be interesting to A/B yours on my speakers. You never know. Well..... you and others do; I don't. [;)]

In the meantime, I'm real happy.

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Maybe he worded it wrong.... but he didn't state that he didn't have to turn it as loud to enjoy it. He stated he couldn't turn it up as loud? I had much the very same experience and it indeed was painful.

Craig, are you sure you're not a lawyer in drag? That's pretty good "peeling an onion," but you're right. I was not clear.

I don't have to turn it up as loud to enjoy it. I make no final statements, yet, but I think there is some "give a little, get a little" in that now that the mids/highs are open and punchy, I don't turn it up as loud. By doing that, I push less power into the woofers, so that means I'm not quite shaking the floor as hard - but we are talking the difference between pretty darn loud to "Craig LeMay's gotta leave the room [;)]." He'd probably have to leave the room anyway, because I still got it pretty loud. What's great is that despite turning it up loud, it retains the crispness in the songs so well.

I am guessing, and just guessing, that if you took the edge off the mids/highs, it would be like turning them back down some (more or less) - like adding some loss back in. I don't know, just a guess.

My overall impression is opening up those mids/highs is the best/cheapest thing I could have ever done as far as cost/benefit for what I currently have. I don't miss anything at all about the old xovers. Like I said, I feel like these so-called "bleeder" horns now compete real well with the 10-tweeter cone speakers, and the bass is still strong and punchy.

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