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What An Unmitigated Disaster


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Good soul that I am, I invite a few fellow Klipschers over to my house

visions of sophisticated, genteel raconteurs engaging in scintillating

technical conversations spinning through my head.

So what do I get?

A barbarian horde that's what.

Replace is not in my house two seconds and he does a header over one of

my Bogen monoblocks and bounces off my new $4000 plasma screen.

TV still works but he knocked out all the pixels where his head hit and

I've got this silhouette of a head right in the middle of tonight's

basketball game.

Then Custom Steve makes an appearance on his Harley. Drives

right through the door and right over my remaining Bogen. He then

stops and does his imitation of the guy in Animal House doing the

William Tell Overture by flicking his fingers against his throat.

And what about that guy Boomac? Boy what an apt name. Blasts his

foghorn of a voice right over the most delicate passage of Saint-Seans

"Bacchanal" .

His wife's a babe, though, so I start chatting her up. With

perfect timing The Twins take this moment to come blowing through on

their way to yet another shopping expedition. Well, daggers fly

and a cat-fight ensues.

Fortunately the ever debonair Big Al walks in the door a meerschaum

tucked in the corner of his mouth nicely complementing his smoking

jacket. The gals go ga-ga over him and he soon has them on their


Big Al gives a quick listen to the Marantz 8b/7C/ Cornwall setup and

pronounces himself pleased except for one small detail in the 4500mz

range. He produces a screwdriver, pops the backs of my cornies and does

some fiddling. Well, they do sound better, but when I walk by

them now they seem to exude a certain amount of menace, and some

strange gooey viscous stuff is dripping from them. Going to have

to sleep with at least one eye open tonight.

Gary's kind enough to bring his pristine Zebra-striped Heresy's along

for a shootout with the KG 3.5's. It's a coolish day outside so

while I'm upstairs some folks decide a bonfire would be nice. Got

out in back just in time to pull the Heresy's out of the fire.

I'm sure the smoke stains will clean up nicely.

I sure hope LarryC gets over his Heavy Metal kick soon. Death

Lizard at full volume actually had entire automobiles in the parking

lot out front walking themselves down the street.

So my pristine signed Lee Morgan "Sidewinder" lp has a huge scratch in

it, there's no beer left in my house, my 1837 one-of-a-kind Viennese

chandelier has a crack in it, and the broken plumbing is flooding the


More impressions later, first I have to go calm down the neighbors. First time I've seen them with pitchforks and torches.

Oh yeah, I had a blast. Can't wait to do it again.

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Gary, you can't sell those zebra Heresys now, they are a perfect match your smokey zebra Cornwalls. Do I hear the pitter patter of little Quintets in your future?

I was thinking about you guys this afternoon hoping Thebes house would survive the onslaught. All I could envision were those Capitol One commercials.


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Marty, thanks for being such a kind host. Send me the bill for the amp and the plasma TV. I really am sorry about that.

I wish my schedule would have allowed me to stay longer. I was hoping to meet some more of the forum members. You slackers must have been on west coast time. Gary and I left about 3:20. My gold embossed invitation said 1:00PM. [:D]

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I was hoping that at least 200 forum members would show, if only to hear a lot of oohs and aahs over my Heresys and maybe get a sale out of it.[;)]

Still waiting for pics.......(wink, wink)

BTW - What happened to The Griffinator??????

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