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I Got Two Turntables and


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a Blueberry. Why didn't I think if this sooner? Cream on the left with the Denon DL103 and regular phono on the right with the Dynavector HOMC 20XL. This is a setup I can live with for a while.

Thanks to Allan and others for reminding me how good the 124 can be. I've spent about 6 months rebuilding the thing. It was a pretty noisy little bugger when I first got it so I cast it for a couple of years. But all it needed was a few new parts and a motor rebuild and it is sounding very nice. Adding the very afforable Denon DL103 allows me to make use of the Blueberry's Cream option. Now I just need twice as much time for listening.


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That right channel gain is set quite a bit higher than the left. What's going on?

BTW - Nice setup you got there!

2 o'clock is about normal for me. I fell asleep while listening last night and was fumbling around in the dark turning things off. I suppose a little night light would be prudent.

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Love those TD 124's.


Me too! I leave to pick mine up at the USPS in 90 minutes. Will post some pics later...

BTW, Scott, that setup looks really good. I wish I could keep my Dual table to compare the TD-124 to, but I need to sell it to help offset some of the costs of the purchase.


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Fine looking rig there Scott! I have heard it is hard to find motors or rebuilds for the 124. Was that true? Expensive? md


I don't know if you'd call mine a complete motor rebuild. I did take the motor apart which really isn't that hard. The most noticable defect in my motor was the bottom bearing that the motor shaft spins on. The bearing plate was in bad shape as was the ball that sits between the motor shaft and the plate. Ordered new parts from the German place Shoppner. Degreased and relubed the top bearing and when I put it all back together it actaully worked and was quiet as a mouse! Comes up to speed quite fast and holds steady.

Fini, I'll mention the other items I fixed or replaced later tonight. If you got a good set of mini-screwdrivers, there's not much to it. Have you had a chance to play with your Thorens yet[:)]

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Good, now you can bi-source! Bi-source is a little known technique serious audiophiles use to achieve incredible stereo affect.

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Basically you run one source per channel, thereby doubling the input! Sources must be identical, otherwise there will be discrepancies caused by the differences in jitter, wow, flutter, rumble, not to mention pops and clicks. The material must started at the exact same microsecond, which means serious audiophiles employing bi-source must invest in a starting device with a word clock automated by a PC chip. Of course, this can add up to be really expensive, but it is worth it!

The separation per channel is incredible. The definition un-real. You are reliving your pre-amplifier and amplifiers from the task of separating each channel, thereby freeing up the internal circuitry.


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