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I am the new one here in this nice Klipsch Forum..................

Werner Enge

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A big hello to all of You from Germany !

sometimes , when I´ve got the time after business , I´m reading here some postings .

some day , I was just reading my name and our store adress .

Now , I´m here : The mysterious Werner Enge from Germany .

May be I ´ll do some postings here , if I got time for doin´that .

Have a nice day !

Werner from Elze - Germany .

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trust me, those all fit into my home, somewhere! Plus the Khorns, a couple sets of Reference, etc. It's chaos at it's finest. True OCD behavior in action.

Werner- can you post closeup photo of your SIGN? I need that hanging on my house too!


Your almost twin brother Michael

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Thank You so much for that happy welcome !

I met Sergej at the IFA 2006 in Berlin , he´s a nice guy .

The avatar shows me doin´the set-up to the Audio-show : Most expensiv High-Fi set-up . We took 10 x Klipschorn Anniversary for that room ( audience was about 120 people per show ) .

I was just setting up two Klipschorn Anniversary´s as the center speakers , driven by a Krell monobloc amp .


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