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OT: Who is going to the Superbowl?


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The NFL Standings as of Week 9 see the New York Giants and Atlanta Falcons as the leaders of the National Football Conference (NFC) with 6 wins and 2 losses each, giving them a win percentage of .750.

The leading teams in standings in the American Football Conference (AFC) are the New York Jets, New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, and Pittsburgh Steelers with 6 wins and 2 losses each, giving them a win percentage of .750.

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The Baltimore Ravens' rise to the top of ESPN.com's NFL Power Rankings faces an immediate test: Thursday night, they visit the No. 3 Atlanta Falcons.

If the Falcons score the "upset," the penthouse could be wrecked before the rest of Week 10's games unfold Sunday and Monday.

The Ravens can savor first place in our weekly poll of experts, just edging the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Falcons, the New York Giants and the New York Jets in the top 5. The New England Patriots, No. 1 entering Week 9, fell to No. 6 this week in the wake of their loss to the Cleveland Browns.

The upstart Browns, ranked No. 23 this week, will see if they can continue to slay giants when they play host to the No. 5 Jets.

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What a crazy season. I have pretty much written my Chicago Bears off all season but now I am not sure. The Giants get beat by the Cowboys looks like any body can come out of the NFC. Green Bay would be the favorite if not for all their injuries to key players. How good is that Tampa Bay team? Atlanta? Let's see what the next few weeks bring us.

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The Atlanta Falcons needed the fourth and final tiebreaker to hold off the New England Patriots for the top spot in ESPN.com's NFL Power Rankings last week.

Both teams won again Sunday.

Atlanta blew out 32nd-ranked Carolina. New England crushed eighth-ranked Chicago.


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I don't attend very many super bowl games, my friends...

However, when I do, I prefer super bowls that are less than 30 miles from my domicile.

I'll be there.... no matter whose playing....

Stay thirsty my friend. [H]

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Well, since the Saints aren't going to be making an appearance this year, hopefully it will be Green Bay or Seattle on the NFC side. As a Saints fan, we don't wanna see Atlanta or Chicago in Dallas in February.

On the AFC side, the Colts won't be there this time around........... I expect the Patriots to be there, and likely to win it all.

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I would buy that.

There is a series of commercials currently running (Visa) which profiles the "Never Miss A Super Bowl Club": Four men who have seen EVERY Super Bowl.

If I could be reincarnated I would in part want to be one of those guys. I haven't seen every Super Bowl, but I've seen three (and spent a fourth in host city - Jax for XXXIX). And the one thing I share in common with the "Never Miss A Super Bowl Club" is that I want to attend EVERY Super Bowl, regardless of who is playing.

Every year (and especially in years that the Super Bowl city can be driven to by me in one day's time) I watch the "secondary market" (AKA scalpers) for price trends on Super Bowl tickets. In a typical year, the "line" is about $2000 in December, during the last four weeks or so of the season. That price "moves" depending on who plays in the game. Teams like Indy, New Orleans, Atlanta and Seattle are "lower demand" fanbases, meaning that the prices will likely fall, as there aren't as many fans of these teams who would pay those prices. Example was last year's game, where $900 would have gotten you into the game on Friday afternoon's pricing - close to face value. If it's teams like New York (either one), Dallas, Pittsburgh, Philly - prices will be high, because these teams have large, national fanbases who will bid those prices up.

Super Bowl XXXVI was played in the aftermath of 9/11. The game was rescheduled one week later than originally planned, as a week of the NFL regular season schedule was postponed due to 9/11....those games were played in an added week to the schedule. So the Super Bowl was played the Sunday before Fat Tuesday in New Orleans, which meant that many fans who wanted to attend could not get rooms, and many did not want to attend Super Bowl because of the post 9/11 malaise and fears of Super Bowl being a target. Which meant that things were ripe for me to go to the Super Bowl again[:D] Come game week, tix were $1500 on Monday, $1300 on Wednesday, and $700 on Friday. So I booked a room on Baton Rouge for $70 and drove all day Saturday to the bayou, arriving on Bourbon Street at noon on Sunday - to witness a sea of tickets being offered on a "name your price" basis. I ended up sitting on the goal line of the upper level, two rows above the media section where the newspaper media watched the action (so it was a good view) - for $350. Could have got in for $100, but I liked the seat at $50 below face value so I bought it, and had the satisfaction all day of knowing I was going to see the game while enjoying Bourbon Street brews....

Also attended XXV (Bills V Giants) and XL (Seahawks V Steelers), and went to Jax for XXXIX because my sister lives in Jax and I could not turn down free lodgings in the host city for gameweek. Didn't see the game though, as the lowest priced ticket I saw was $2650, and on gameday was $4000+. But I tried - I stood in the proverbial shadows of Alltel Stadium, working the crowd in hopes of getting lucky. It was the only time I have ever attended an event without tix and failed to get one.

So if I had a chance to buy one of Jerry's $200 party deck tickets I would be all over that like flies on cowdung. I would rather have a seat inside, but I would take what I could get. So if any of you are Cowboys season ticketholders - or otherwise have access to Super Bowl tix, you know who to email/private message.....even on the Friday before the game. I can get to Dallas in 15 hours, so I can even do it on a last moment's notice[:D] No matter who plays!

There is NOTHING like attending the Super Bowl.

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