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OT: Who is going to the Superbowl?


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YAAAAAAHHHHHOOOOOOOOBig Smile We're going to Dallas! Got passes for the party deck - and who knows what will happen once we get there. But we will be two out of the expected 105,000 at Cowboys Stadium on gameday.

Destination XLV Beer

That's cool. I'd love to go, but I'll be in Park City, UT skiing. Do plan on watching the game once I get off the slopes, though - especially as the PACKERS are in it!

Now, let's see who the other team will be - GO STEELERS!!

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Still can't believe that both of my favorite teams are playing each other in the Superbowl!!!

Now, I got a real conumdrum here - who the hell to root for?

As much as it pains me to see myself rooting against Pittsburgh, but I may have to lean towards rooting for the motherland - Wisconsin - and that means the PACKERS!!!

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Since my team is not participating (Bears), I will root for the same thing I root for every time I attend a Super Bowl:


My wife will be rooting for the Packers (it's in her family).

This should be a classic. Two of the most storied teams with the two best traveling fanbases in football will make for a great weekend in "The Big D".

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Sunday's matchup, in which the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the New York Jets 24 to 19, earned an average household rating of 31.3. It peaked at a 33.1 from 9:00-9:30 p.m. EST.

I saw a "bit" on one of the networks.....might have been ESPN, where it showed that the top 15 or some similar number shows of the entire Neilsen rated fall season were NFL telecasts. NFL just rules the tube anymore, having made Super Sunday a defacto national holiday. And I think all but the final MASH episode are Super Bowls on the top 10 to 15 all time list as well.

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what is the deal? no cheerleaders! That is un-American!

BTW, Steelers

The Bears don't have them either. I seem to recall the McCaskeys saying that they weren't conducive to a "family atmosphere". I think the last year the Bears had cheerleaders was the 1985 season (the last time the Bears won the Super Bowl) - the "Honey Bears"[H]

This badazz storm is wreaking havoc with our attendance plans. My tickets are assumed stuck on an airplane immobile, waiting for the storm to pass. I hope to find open roads to Fort Worth once those ducats arrive (assuming they arrive on time). Needless to say, I'm a bit frayed[8o|]

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