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What are you doing this weekend if your not going to the Pilgrimage?

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Saturday: Detailing the car (inside/out), and general house-cleaning

Sunday: Working w/Dad and the wood splitter to split a WHOLE CORD of wood for this coming winter.

Monday: Wishing I had attended the Pilgrimage so that I could have come home w/a set of Jubilees[:'(]

That's OK, maybe next year they'll auction off a set of 60th Anniv Khorns (wishful thinking)

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Yard work, grilling, watching the Tarheels in the college world series, a lttle music.

Go heels!

Is Meagain realy 66 years old?

Surely not.

Bet the pilgrimage would be fun....may try it sometime.

Me too, next year in Hope...sure would like to be listening to those jubilees right now.

I have a golf tournament this weekend.

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I'm getting ready to have my counter tops in my kitchen replaced. All the ceramic tile in the backsplash needs to be removed. I'm doing it myself so that I get a smooth, clean wall for the new quartz backsplash. If anyone is having less fun, I'd be surprised.


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Wasting my life away........mow the lawn.......take the Porsche for a run, maybe find a car show some where.......listen to some music......answer questions like this on the computer...............and..........who knows, nothing is planned...............Mad Scientist


The college world series starts at 7:00 pm. Point that Porsche south and come hang out with me and Bluesboy. We will have some cocktails, get Bluesboy to cook up some of his award winning ribs and watch the Heels wear out Oregon State.

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Tarheel, Boy I'd like that....long ride for me right now.....I would like to meet you guys.....I would have to hear Bluesboys speakers though, probably some Get Your Ya-Ya's Out.....with just alittle volume.......Sympathy for the Devil...so we can hear Keith and Mick Taylor swapping leads back and forth.....but not today, I guess.........appreciate the offer.........Big Time

Go Heels...........Eat....I mean Beat the BeaversSlugger 2


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Let's see: I'll be fishing, picking our cat up from the vet, taking the Mustang out for a road test (Just installed new wheels & suspension yesterday on it) and probably watching a movie or two.

I had everything planned to go to the Pilgrimage and then the Mustang came along. No extra $$ for a trip like that unfortunately. [:(]

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