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Dirty Vinyl! DIY Record Cleaner?


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Some very pretty turntables at the Teresaudio site http://www.teresaudio.com/

(And very expensive....)

But they do sell components if you want to roll your own and have some DIY links. Looks like a fun site.

Other fun things include Chris's Tube Haven (the proprieters system) including Cogent True To Life horn speakers and DYI transmission line subwoofer. His subwoofer page has a link on Teres site to Grant Gassmans massive horn subwoofer though it's hidden behind a picture so very little detail using Edgarhorns for the mains. Fun stuff.

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How about his little honey for an inexpensive record cleaner?


It can be found at Walgreen's. I use distilled water. It is out of stock because audiophiles have been buying them.

Here is a YouTube description of the cleaning process. Another video using this cleaning method.

Mapleshade sells a similar system for $150. Probably worth a try.


Which system? Walgreens or Mapleshade?

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Which system? Walgreens or Mapleshade?

When I first read mapleshade catalog I suspected that there might be some snake oil for sale. I got some iso blocks and they work as advertised. There may be some value to buying the system they have put together and tested. You could also get the same results with a walgreens machine, homemade solution, etc. Depends on how much effort you want to put in to put together your system.

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I actually abandoned that plan and built one of these for thrift store or yard sale records.





I use that for really dirty ones.


Now I am using a Keith Monk record cleaner.

I bet building your own was a ton cheaper than the 175.00 I just saw it priced at  :D


It looks like a good idea although I like the vacuum dry idea more I think

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