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    Msde it back home. It's a mess but nothing broken or damaged.
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    Well, I finally finished them, and they sound amazing.
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    Thought I would join in. Here is my 300B/2A3 SET amplifier. Powers a pair of Heresy III (but can also be used as a headphone amp). High voltage and filament voltage is adjustable for either 300B or 2A3 with switches. Bias is adjustable for the power tubes and 6V6 driver tubes. Separate power supplies for output stage and input/driver stage. And separate filament supplies for each of the power tubes. Hybrid rectification. Each chassis weighs a ton. Signal chassis: Power Supply:
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    We're at my daughters house now which is just north of Houston. Well head home tomorrow as soon as we're able.
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    I've been busy during COVID working on my small listening space. It is in a building out behind my house with 240V power, heat & a/c, internet and phone. I will probably post more photos if there is interest, but thought y'all might like a couple of teasers. There is supposed to be a large TV on the bracket (you probably guessed that) but I don't have one yet. Ceiling detail: The foreground center ceiling panel is attic access.
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    Finished my grandsons bed, he designed it, it's all 2" thick wood and matches his desk. It's a full xl, an odd size but he outgrew the single, mostly in length. Glad that's done, now just a little end table for the head of the bed. Then finish remodeling the bathroom, then upstairs bedroom and I can start on my workshop.
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    Turntables are and remain very popular. More and more turntables are being sold and the production numbers of records are increasing year by year. With this information I would like to give the newbies who are new to turntables and cartridges a basis to understand the technical differences between MM / MC / MI ( MP ) cartridges. MM = Movin Magnet Nowadays the probably most common pick-up technology and especially in the entry level area dominating. At the upper end of the nail carrier there is a magent, which moves excited by the movement of the needle in the groove between two coils. Physically, the MM pickup is an electromagnetic transducer: The change in flux in the magnetic circuit is coupled to the inhomogeneity of the magnetic field - the greater this is, the greater the signal. The MM-principle delivers comparatively high signal voltages, so that after the usual equalizer preamplifier a quite simple preamplification with 47kOhm input resistance is sufficient. Until the end of the 1990s, and again occasionally today, many HiFi full amplifiers were equipped with a phono input suitable for MM systems. MC = Movin Coil Mechanically, the MC design is similar to an MM system, except that here a coil is located at the end of the needle carrier and the magnet(s) are fixed. Moving Coil is therefore an electrodynamic transducer that delivers relatively low signal voltages and therefore requires a very high-quality and low-noise additional pre-amplification. Phono preamps suitable for MC have - usually adjustable - input impedances between 20 and 1000 ohms. Many common phono preamps can be switched between MC and MM operation.The advantages of the MC principle are - generally speaking - the potentially lower weight of the coil attached to the needle carrier. Since there is no need to move a heavy magnet back and forth, more detailed scanning is possible. MC pickups are usually more expensive than MM systems and also place higher demands on the rest of the reproduction chain. In terms of sound quality they are usually (not always) superior to a moving magnet system. MI = Moving Iron / MP = Moving Permalloy The third magnetic scanning principle is - wrongly - often overlooked. In the high-end segment e.g. Soundsmith from the USA or Goldring from England are well-known advocates of the MI principle; the Japanese traditional manufacturer Nagaoka places its MP pickups in the lower and middle price segment as a sonic superior alternative to MM systems. As with the MM principle, here the coils are permanently mounted. At the end of the nail carrier, however, there is no heavy magnet but only a tiny piece of a magnetic metal (either "iron" or so-called mu-metal, "permalloy"). Depending on the pick-up, this piece of metal is even lighter than the coil of an MC pick-up, which can result in an even better scanning of the record groove. MI- and MP-pickups are also electromagnetic transducers, therefore they deliver high signal voltages and can be operated at the MM-input of the (pre-)amplifier.
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    My clone of the Scott LK-72A amplifier section with the cage removed. Needs a nice wooden plinth. I have a pair of the Scott LK72A/299C output transformer replacements from Transcendar and will swap those in after spending time with the Hammonds. The Hammonds are a wee bit oversized for the power levels but I had them lying around so why not. Compensation needed some tweaking with the Hammonds. Also, the original design used silver mica in the FDBK return which I had a bit of a time with. For some reason, which I'm still noodling, MLCC provided much better stability based on the analyzer response. The amp is insanely quiet. Spectrum analyzer shows flat well out past 50kHz. If there's ever another Pilgrimage I might be tempted to drive this thing and a modified version that's almost complete down to Hope so we can all listen, compare, contrast.
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    So I was finally able to earn the money to purchase a system, called up Cory ant Paducah and placed the order. Many cudos to Cory and Mark, the transaction was simple and the communication excellent. 2 weeks or so later, the UPS truck pulls up and drops 2 very large pallets at the end of the driveway. Fortunately my skid steer came with forks, so it was easy to move them into the shop. My neighbor and fellow Klipsch audio nut and wood worker came over on a Saturday morning and we modified the counter tops in the shop to accommodate the Jubilees. After about 3 hours of measuring(twice), cutting, fastening, and cleaning up the room was ready. So how do a couple of 60 year old guys unbox and move 250 lb LF cabinets? Well, you open the box, hold the flaps open, roll it on its side and then to the top leaving the packaging in place. Pull off the box and there is the speaker on its feet on the packing(the speakers are placed in the box upside down). I happen to have large long plastic furniture glides, so we put them under the cabinet and pulled/pushed the cabinets in to place. The placed the horns on top and cabled them up, the cables were already there. Then some quick reconfiguration to get the Xilica 4080 DSP (pre programmed thankfully) connected to the rest of the components in the head end.
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    Still trying to get past the part of The Dude has a wife and kids.
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    Just finished this one. My friend drew up the schematic based on what we had on hand. The rectifiers are RCA 816 mercury vapors, power tubes triode wired 1625, and driven by 6J5GT. The 6J5 are half a 6SN7 and I've been collecting them for years... I'll do distortion and power ratings soon. The meters need a little tweaking but sounds ok so far. joined_video_c8d5860632994b51984cb95326861299.MP4
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    Made the grandson his end table, didn't ask how he wanted it except for height and size. I made it a little odd shaped, he wanted the shelf to hold his laptop and the top is for his phone. It's a little curvy.
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    Then you had to go back to work
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    I have thought about this for some time and I am getting ready to do a prototype next week. As many of you know the larger wood horns have been getting hard to find and I am going to begin working on two types. The Belle and KHorn have a modular horn section and I am thinking of making some for those with the tweeter and mid cut into the motorboard to fit the DE-10 on the tweeter and a 2" throat for the mid with adapters to go to 1.4" or 1" 1 3/8 18TPI for things like the K-55-V or just a straight 1". You will also be able to use 2" drivers so once again the intent is to make this versatile. Unlike the clamp plates for the LMAHL and SMAHL V2's each throat size driver will require a specific clamp plate. The hole centers on all of them will be common though so you can change your mind later and not have to change your horn. The adapters will be 2" deep so the horn cavity will be right at 7" deep with adapter and will have the same basic cavity curvature as the MAHL's do. Now here is a modular type meant to be cut into a motorboard and for the sake of testing will be the first one I do. This will be stacked and glued Baltic Birch and cut as smooth as I can get it for minimal surface prep. I have one here in the shop for a different project that I hand sanded a bit and polyurethane coated and I like the look of the layers. The layers cut differently though and I am refining what tool to use for the best results. Of course I can cut these in hardwood too but that will have to be done in 1" thick layers since a single big block would be to prone to splitting. With layered hardwood though I think the cavity would be basically ready to go just like the Walnut MAHL's are. I have no idea where this will end up as the potential variety is large from wood type used to anything from free standing to being cut into complete two and three way motorboards for people wanting to do custom builds or serious mods to existing speakers. The blend from the cavity to the flat surface looks sharp because there are lines imposed on the rendering to make edges more visible. It will be a smooth transition there. The mounting plate holes will be probably 5/16 with Helicoil inserts for strength in the wood.
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    The studio that mastered the album that you speak of (White Ladders by David Grey) is named "360 Mastering" in the UK. They currently advertise the following loudspeakers that they use: PMC-MB2S-XBD-A Active Monitoring System Amplifier power per channel: LF 600W, LF 600W, MF 120W , HF 120W Crossover frequency: 380Hz & 3.8kHz Dimensions: H 68.5" W 15" D 21" Drivers: LF x 2 (12" driver) , MF (1" fabric dome) , HF (soft dome) Weight: 194 lbs Genelec 1029a active nearfield monitor SPL -- Short term RMS @ 1m -- 100 dB SPL, Peak per pair with music material 110 dB SPL @ 1m Drivers -- Bass 5", Treble 3/4" metal dome + DCW Crossover frequencies 3.3 kHz Free field frequency response ± 2.5dB (70 - 18,000 Hz) Amplifier power / ch -- Bass 40 W, Treble 40 W Here is a shot of their current studio: The above is part of the issue with the track in question, but especially the judgments of the person who did the mastering and the musician that accepted his work. The track of which you speak (Sail Away) has a dynamic range rating of 9 (dB). (I don't own a copy of track.) Apparently the mastering person pushed the loudness of the track too far and couldn't hear the effects of that loudness level on the loudspeakers and room shown above...or he could hear the effects but chose to make it that loud anyway. There is an unknown amount of compression and limiting used in this track, probably well over 10 dB. The Sarah McLachlan track (Angel) has a dynamic range rating of 12 (dB), i.e., 3 dB higher. I own a copy of this track from the album Surfacing. While the album isn't terrible, it does have ~3 dB of clipping average across the album. The particular track that you identify (Angel) has a solo piano and female voice with an electric bass accompaniment that was overdubbed after the voice and piano were recorded. This track isn't particularly hi-fi, but it's not terrible either. It sounds "edgy" as released, not really very close to what it would sound like live without amplification--and more like the microphones used were placed too close to the singer and piano. There is also a fair amount of artificial reverberation used. It has about 1 dB of limiting/EQ to compress the dynamic range. The is an unknown amount of compression used in this track, probably ~6 dB. Chris
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    A pair of Walnut Jubes are in the garage, installation beginning Saturday morning.
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    My father always said that these weren't golden years they were the rusty ones.
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    One more, when I see the Sun's light streaming into a window, it is as if I am on another world, with a different Sun.
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    Fires filling the California skies with smoke. A shot of the sun, casting a strange light.
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    Back on the Salt River with my wife (she took the pictures), one of my granddaughters (she liked the "fast, bumpy water" which were a few mild rapids that had some 8-12" standing waves which you have to aim for to hit), and a bunch of wild mustangs trying to beat the heat.
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    Still my 1996 Cary SLi 50 with 5C3S (5U4G) from the 60s Nos Military SVETLANA with original BOX, 12AU7-T II Gold Psvane, UK 6SN7 Psvane, 6CA7 JJ
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    I built a two stage amp interstage coupling that can take 45 or 2a3. I favor the 45 but 2a3 is no slouch. Awesome triodes. I want to build on the same topology but for 50/300b.
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    Hey guys, I have lowered the price from my original ask of $3600cnd down to $3300cnd I have decided to list my active 2-way speaker system to make room for my next project. I started out with a pair of Peavey, FH-1 bass cabinets that I laminated with 1/2 inch Baltic Birch on all 6 sides via screws and PL. I swapped the drivers out for a pair of Crites cast woofers, Bob’s fantastic CW1526CF. For the hi frequency I went with the Klipsch K 510 horns which IMHO are only second to the mighty K 402! The 510s are backed with the very good Faital HF-200 compression drivers. All internal wiring is Supra PLY3.4 Speaker Wire, one of my favourite affordable speaker cables. https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/speaker-wire/supra-ply3.4-speaker-wire-per-foot-12-awg/ To house the K 510 / HF-200s, I built the Top Hats out of Baltic Birch and counter sunk the horns to give them a nice flush look. The HF-200s are a big compression driver, so I used a pair of Crites midrange horn/driver support brackets and pair of 2 inch gaskets to steady the ship. I used Black Duratex to refinish the insides of the FH-1 folds as well as coat the bottoms of the bass bins and top hats, then installed some rubber feet for each of the 4 cabinets. For the final touch I veneered the cabinets with flat cut Walnut and applied some Rubio Monocrat Oil 2C in Pure (Natural). I was able to book match all the cabinets pretty well, even looking down from the top with the top hats on the bass bins. I did take a bunch of build pics as I went along if anybody would like to see what all went on with these babies. Please keep in mind that these are designed to be run actively, I use a Xilica XP-4080 crossover with a SS amp on the bass bins and then a SET tube amp on the Hi Frequency. So you will need a similar active crossover or source a passive Xover from someone like Bob Crites or ALK Engineering. But, I really highly recommend active and I am more than happy to share my XP-4080 settings (THANKS, Chris) that have been dialled in for Crossover points, Time delay, EQ and Gains (although gains would need to be adjusted for what ever amps you use). This system is very fun to listen to and so far has only been bettered by the Klipsch Jubilee clones that I built several years back. If following distancing and mask protocol, a limited audition could be set up, but only for those very serious to buy. With the current travel bans across the Canada / USA borders, and the size of these, local sale is the only logistic sales route. So, lets hope we have a Klipsch forum member in the GTA or South Western Ontario area that would like these for their listening room. Asking $3,300cnd. Which is about $2,300usd. For more and better res pics, have a look here... https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649648769-klipsch-peavey-jub-peavey/ Thanks for looking.
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    This is the current version I built and listen to. The tops are still in the experimental stage. I had a pair of Knorn Bass Bins at the time I built these. Lost those when our home burned down. Made the tops modular/moveable so I could also use them with the Khorn bins. You can't see the tweeter mounts in this photo. They are moveable/adjustable anywhere from the fronts of the two horns flush(tweeter forward) to the face of the drivers being aligned (tweeter rearward). I can easily align the tops with the bass bins as well. Can't do anything with phase of course but can play with time alignment to an extent. La Scala bins are stock except the 1/4" MDF wrap I gave them and the veneer and grills.
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    There was a reference by another member on the 45 tube who I do not wish to respond to. Everyone should make their own decision on what to believe. I love my SE 45 tube amplifier as I am sure that others on this forum that do too. I built my 45 tube amplifier after reading what George Anderson of Tubelab.com had to say about the 45 tube in his design. George is a well respected tube designer on a technical forum. Below is what he has to say about the 45 tube in his amplifier design. I am well aware there are those that disagree as there is on any subject and I respect their opinion especially in that audio is such a subjective subject. I just though I would post my reason for building a 45 tube amplifier and for those like me that have and love their amplifier. I am not saying it is my favorite tube amplifier but I do love the sound and wide soundstage it presents. I do not wish to argue with those that disagree but just remember there is no perfect amplifier for everyone. http://tubelab.com/designs/tubelab-se/applications/ https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/tubelab/ "The 45 is the cleanest sounding tube that I have tried. These definitely don't all sound the same. There are different sound characteristics between two tubes of identical construction and brand. I am sure these differences are also quite dependent upon personal preference and the type of music being played. My favorite pair of 45's are "Westinghouse Radio tubes" that were made in Canada. These have a "close your eyes and you are there" realism that the others can't match. I have a pair of Tung Sol's that come close.
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    Well, two of them have stories for sure, thanks for asking. The radio was built by my grandfather, so my grandmother told me. I never knew him, and she's been gone 41 years. She knew how much I loved stuff like that, and even though I was a just a boy she knew I'd hang on to it. The headphones came with it. It has a single 4-pin tube in it. The terminals on the left are ANT and GND, and the terminals on the top right are for headphones, and the remaining four on the right are for A and B battery connections. The leftmost knob is a giant variable capacitor, the middle one is a rheostat, and the rightmost knob is a giant coil-within-a-coil mechanism. The tube has what appears to be a tubular diode or something attached, perhaps as a detector? I dunno. I've never powered it up, though I have the supplies to do so. The whiskey bottle was the "medicinal whiskey" from my parents kitchen cabinet in the house where I grew up. When mom died in 2018, we were cleaning out the house and I found the bottle. It was empty, lol. I kept it. In this photo there isn't, but now there is a protective pad (doily?) on top of the KHorn that this stuff is resting on. The coffee cup speaks for itself. Stolen from PWK. I'm not much of a decorator, but these things remind me of family and of home. The floor is concrete with a rug on it, but I'm seriously considering a laminate wood floor with the rug on THAT, just to give it a more comfy feel. Still working on the other two walls - more lights to hang and foam to put up.
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    From the vault LP # 23 from over 30 Another great album that followed the much acclaimed Ark Of A Diver Artist - Steve Winwood ‎ Title - Talking Back To The Night Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Steve-Winwood-Talking-Back-To-The-Night/release/5615342
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    For the "purple" to show up well had to mess up the cover image. Nothing much but this Deep Purple release that I have always loved. I've been on my own so long Won't you lend me a hand I've been out in the cold too long Won't you understand
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    It's good work if you can get it, it might take some practice. I wish, no grilling or smoking today, stuffed bell peppers and garlic mashed potatoes. Even cheated with that, peppers were stuffed a couple weeks ago, defrosted then baked for 40 minutes.
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    The last one was uplifting, nostalgic and fun. Took a turn after that, this one rocks! This makes the three first pressings I've got by the Doors seem more complete now.
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    I'd love to try that ^ amp out JW...
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    My "Little Sweetie" 6Y6 amplifier designed by our own Maynard. Not much to look at but such a sweet sound. I used a toroid transformer and made mine stereo instead of mono. I found the design on diyaudio.
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    What a fascinating collection of ingenuity and expertise! My avatar (qv) is one of a pair of Joule Electra 100-watt OTL monoblocs. Jud Barber had a wonderful sense of design, and I find there amps very attractive. He apparently wasn't a great circuit engineer. I have a JE preamp which has always been my favorite preamp. Jud has long faded from the scene, and his products are now very hard to find on the used market, for good reason. Of course, I can't tell you a dam thing about them, -- Larry
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    Well someone had to post one of these, great results so far.
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    Picked this up today, sounds better than I thought it would, on it's own, with no amp. Oh.....and picked up a pair of Palladium P17b from Scrappy a while back. I can't believe how good they sound, especially with the matching sub. Very impressive for a bookshelf speaker. It's a shame they will go to surround duty 😀
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    We might be old BUT were not the generation buying Bose and Beats and stuck on rap and auto tuned music.
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    Seeing many of the albums being displayed here, The Doors, ELP, Genesis, Queen, to name a few, more than anything, reminds me of a time, when things were simpler, and for some reason, another song pops in my head.
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    Self explanatory! Maynard
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    Starrider is a hidden gem on the LP. was always my favorite track on the album.
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    Come on man. Yes it does suck but your not going to get any younger, so think before you do things you could easily do at one point. Because it is harder now and can hurt and will, probably noticed (or will) that your not quite as bendy as you once were, which does not help. Things change, it even is possible to do something while your sleeping and wake up with a new pain, i'v done it more than once. Things I have noticed positively, but your younger, it gets more noticeable later.
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