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    These are one of a kind! A very special custom finish using only top quality products. I enjoy doing this kind of work, and want to share this set with you. Dyed in layers using Yellow, Amber, Orange, Cinnamon. Multiple shellac wash coats were applied at various stages. Java stain provided the depth needed to make the grain really express itself. Top coated with 3 coats of satin lacquer. The grills have been washed clean. The backs and fronts have been cleaned. You will not find this level of quality anywhere in a used speaker. If you like I could even include my signature on them, but that is not necessary. More photos down in the thread below. Any forum members (post count >10) who want the original hi-rez photos sent via email, send me a PM. Link to Klipsch Epic series brochure Serial # 342598164 Serial # 342598165 Born on Friday December 8, 1995 V3 All stock, except for the custom finish, and in 99% perfect condition. One owner before me. If you want to mod these in any way, I can provide assistance, or just mod them for you If you just want some Dynamat, I have enough on hand to do that. Details on the sale are as follows: Exclusive sale to the Klipsch Community. Forum members only with a minimum of 10 posts at the time of offer please. I will deliver the pair myself directly to the address of your choosing once the sale is finalized.* *Locations where I will deliver to are as follows Alabama Florida Georgia Illinois Indiana Iowa Kentucky Michigan Minnesota Missouri (Northern) Nebraska (Eastern) North Carolina (Western) North Dakota South Dakota Ohio South Carolina (Western) Tennessee Virginia (Western) West Virginia Wisconsin First $1250 gets the pair delivered to the above locations. No fees. Absolutely firm. I put over a week of work into these and all you have to do is sit in your chair and smile when they show up. No Trades. No discounts. No haggle. ** Terms will apply until June 1st, 2020 or later. Don't forget to hit the like button😁
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    This arrived yesterday finally the hunt is over, this is my new to me 2014 Porsche Cayman S model. I have wanted a Porsche since I was a kid, I had talked myself into buying the new 2020 Corvette but, due to the demand and lack of building per the Corona Virus Chevy stopped production and stopped taking orders. I learned that they will only take orders now for the 2021 models, well I didn't want to wait until this time next year. So I started looking at Porsche's and with all this time on my hands because of the quarantine I found what I wanted, made a deal and had it shipped to my door!!!
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    Here's you you and wishing that we could say Thank You in person.
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    I am noticing more and more people who want ask questions about things like my tweeters who refuse to talk. We get into back and forth on emails and days pass and some progress is made but not as much as five minutes of phone time would do. The questions trickle in and then you answer and then the questions trickle back in and on and on it goes for days. I give them phone numbers to call and since they don't use them my assumption is that they do not want to talk to an actual human. At some point in time I just quit and say call me if you wish to continue this and then that is the last I hear from most of them. Have any of you noticed the same thing and how do you handle it? Personally I am getting to the point where if you cant pick up the phone and call me I am not going to spend hours with messages back and forth. I just don't understand people who live in text messages as their world and won't communicate in any other way.
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    In my opinion, not wearing a mask these days is a sign of stupidity…
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    Some new flags. put them up today.
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    Thought I would post this for everyone who is a fan of Klipsch speakers and Paul Klipsch. I had the honor of meeting Mr. Klipsch in Fort Worth, Texas at Marvin Electronics when he was there at a presentation of Klipsch speakers. Attached is a folder he signed for me and he dated it 84-04-27, year, month, day. I have one of his "Bullshit" buttons somewhere. It was a night I will not forget. Been a Klipsch fan ever since. FYI
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    Just wanted to share a few cell phone photos from Yellowstone on a stormy day in mid-March.
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    I also have an unpictured R112SW to pick up a little more low end.
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    Welcome! Are you having buyers regrets about the price? You agreed to the price in a eyes wide open deal? Is any of this correct? If not, please say, what is the spe cific criticism. Thanks!
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    Got some wood delivered this morning, to replace what the termites had for lunch. It was the first time with no rain so they brought it, I had about an hour to get it under the porch and organized to still be able to get to what was needed. Started putting up the support structure and got 95% of it done, it's going well. I know it doesn't look like much but it's 13 sheets of plywood, 8 @3/4" and 5 @1/2", a 2x12x10, 3 2x8x12 and 8 2x4x8 and 150sf or R19. It came from a local place and was a good bit cheaper than Home Depot even including a $25 delivery charge $473, I would rather give it to the local store anyway.
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    I dig it , kinda similar conditions as this pic I took at Folly Beach SC . Incoming storm resembles a cresting tsunami .
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    I was called out on a nasty HAZMAT incident in the northwest corner South Dakota over the weekend and an early morning storm rolled in really fast from the west that I thought looked pretty cool. I don't know why the focus looks skewed but it is just cell phone shot. Still using a Blackberry which may explain the weird focus - I'll call it artistic effect.
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    watched a video of Wrecking Crew guitarist Louie Shelton. He was at Norman’s Rare Guitars and he said that both he and Larry Carlton played on some of the Partridge Family songs. People can laugh, but it is music played well -- now i know why.
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    Those came with several more but had to change it up a little. tried to get a half-speed of this last year but the seller misled about the condition... at least they were good enough to refund. Another in darn good shape here!
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    Are the wires going to the drivers 58 1/8" long?
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    Our office was our grandsons bedroom, he stuck about 40 glow in the dark plastic stars on the ceiling when he was little, well we stuck them he just wanted them. They are still up there, when you turn out the light they still glow, he is 19 now, must be some pretty good glow stuff ? There is a company who does that and it's really nice but not cheap for the better ones with shooting stars and twinkling stars. one company http://www.star-panels.com/
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    I took this photo from our table at the Windows on the World restaurant, on top of the World Trade Center, almost exactly one year before 9-11. Not the best quality, hand-held long-exposure on film, but one of my most treasured.
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    Yep, a Steve Martin and a lp with weed all over it and a couple more spoken word records. The Hendrix looks like the score to me! An Alvin Lee with someone else lots of Fogelberg, Guthrie and Nitty Gritty and the Greenbaum record, Focus, Mtn. Got to get back to work with the Turgikleen soon! * Listened to a few of the lps on youtube through the tv rig. Recognized more Dave Mason than I realized, Fogelburg/Weisburg good but too mellow and there are about ten of them. Just now got a chance to sit on my butt for ten... I'll grab a bite and get back to it here before I make more coffee and stay up late cleaning records. These might get into the ultrasound tonight.
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    Long story short, it seems (so thinks my wife as well as myself) that I might have poisoned myself (food) Saturday morning. Made my normal bacon and eggs for breakfast, went to recycling center afterwards, got home and within 30 minutes my temperature spikes and I was VERY feverish shaking like someone (though not as bad) having a grand mal seizure.... Wife calls 911 and today I'm still sitting here in this isolation room waiting for more test results. I'm back to feeling fine but Doc said there was a strange reaction in one of my tests. Seems if someone scores a "1" on one of these results, it is a moment of concern.... I was a 15. She said that she might not have concerned about that (because of my medications for Crohns) but over night, that same test tripled to 45. So here I sit.... Anyway, the point.... after I was leaving the ER and heading to my isolation room (I am Covid negative), she opened the doors as she was wheeling me through and I waived at the gals on other side and they made a comment about my eyes. I was befuddled a bit as I didn't hear exactly what they said....so I asked the nurse that was doing the driving of the wheelchair. She said they have found that people that have the Covid virus have "a look in their eyes" that they now call Covid Eyes. She couldn't explain what it was, just that they looked different. My thoughts are, maybe the person is concerned that they might be one of the unfortunate folks that don't survive and maybe THAT is what's in their eyes??? I don't know. I just thought it was interesting and thought I'd share.....so, now you know it exists. Covid Eyes. PS: Doc starts her shift at 10:00 today so am patiently waiting for her to let me go. I already asked the nurse about the tests they were waiting for and she said the initial results were negative but they were waiting for the second part of them....so they were incomplete. I'm presuming I'll be out of here by noon. Whatever hit me, it was amazing how quick it happened.
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    A new LP arrived yesterday afternoon - along with 100 non static inner sleeves RIP - Alan Holdsworth (2017) Amazing Free flowing jazz fusion / prog rock inspired album One listen is not enough Artist - Bill Bruford ‎ Title - Rock Goes To College
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    Last time I had a suger cube was... oh wait... Never mind.
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    A change from all the BS here. Dtel and I are so proud of our oldest daughter. Nice to know how much her employer appreciates her too. She’s on the frontline. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I don't blame you with the hotel room, for us it does not have to be fancy but clean yes. I don't really have any pictures of the room with the new sub in it, but there is one from one side. It was taken to show the forte's but only the center and front left is in the pic, and how the Tv was mounted. don't remember why I need to take some new ones from the back.
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    That's what they say anyway. I think I created a monster, he just ran in again.
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    If mine stays hard for over four hours I'm calling everyone I know!
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    I think everyone has been pretty cordial after being called out on crossing a very wide line that has been offered, given the current circumstance we're dealing with. We're lucky that we can complain and object with different points of views on this here. I do not lock a thread unless the OP started it in violation of TOS. If necessary, posts will be hidden and action taken against individual contributors, but I won't lock it. In this, I do not necessarily reflect all mods, but I have tried to influence them to act the same way as I feel locking a thread reflects poorly on the original poster and those who follow the TOS in their posts. Dave
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    I now have to remind myself when replying that I'm talking to a person who is so full of hate that he would root for a pilot to fail out of spite while he's a passenger on the airplane. There doesn't seem to be much logic to that. Let's not kid ourselves here. This isn't about masks, it isn't about the virus, it isn't about you keeping your family safe. It's about your laser sharp focus on your hatred for the president. Any opportunity you get you try to work it into any and every topic you possibly can. This didn't just start, it goes way back to even before you petitioned the moderators to allow you to have an anti Trump avatar. You seem to be consumed with it and from all the PM's I get, people are tired of it. Honestly, I don't see why it's allowed to continue but thankfully I have no say in the matter and don't have to deal with the repercussions you cause. There are SO many other things to talk about on this forum yet you keep wanting to go back to the same old same old. Sigh..........................
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    Good to hear a positive story for a change. Thank your wife for us. We have sewers at my company and with several out watching their kids that dont have school or daycare, we are barely keeping up with our "essential" work but we have managed to make over 1000 masks that we have used for ourselves, our customers and donated hundreds to front line workers. Didn't want to get into the mud with the profit takers for PPE. Just doing our small part. All 72 employees are getting paid and we pay 100% of health insurance as well. We are very fortunate.
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    Everything in this post, as well as every other post of mine, is my opinion only. Others are free to disagree and to express that disagreement in a civil manner. The musings below can be applied to the buying and selling of used speakers. Buyers or sellers are too frequently too self centered in their approaches. Buyers look at high asking prices as almost criminal, whereas sellers look at “low ball” offers as attempted theft. Too many are insulted by offers they deem to be out of line. My advice is, get over yourself. Buyers should offer what they are willing to pay, and sellers should ask what they are willing to accept, PERIOD. All the perceived insults and hurt feelings are for children, not adults. For example, in my business, it is frequently necessary to quickly determine whether a customer’s budget is even in the ballpark. Just last week a call came in for a custom made product that is infrequently purchased. I told the caller that $1,000 was a likely target, fully expecting that to end the conversation. We didn’t offer to sell anything for $1,000, nor did he offer to buy anything for $1,000. Instead, we both were able to decide it was worth our whiles to continue. Had we not had that discussion, we, the customer and us, could have wasted our time to learn the customer would not, perhaps could not, pay a reasonable price for the product he desired. Had not the customer confirmed that $1,000 was within his budget, we would not have scheduled an appointment. As it turned out, the customer purchased an upgraded version of the custom made product that ended up costing just under $2,000. In our business, under normal pre-COVID-19 conditions, $2,000 is a below average sale; nothing to get excited about. As it pertains to selling used speakers, buyers can ask for all the clear photos they want and tailor their offers accordingly, similarly, sellers can ask whatever they like and preemptively discourage “low ball” offers, but it always comes down to whether the buyer and seller can agree to a price. Sure, buyers might prefer many clear photos and a stated price, from which they could attempt to negotiate downward. Similarly, sellers would like to state a high asking price, avoid the task of photos, and not be required to accept less. The motivation levels of buyers and sellers vary widely. It is no crime to ask too much or to offer too little, but it is poor etiquette to insult your counterpart merely because he/she was not motivated to meet your photo demands or to commit to a range. To avoid hurt feelings and misunderstandings, I see no problem with a buyer asking a seller, “What’s the least you would accept?” That can be done with a question or by making good faith offers until one is accepted or the seller ignores the buyer completely. Similarly, I have no problem with a seller asking a buyer, “If the item in question were perfect, what’s the most you would pay?” In neither case is either party committing to a contract. No one is making a legal offer that could be accepted by the other party, thus creating a contract. All that is being done is to establish a range within which the buyer and seller may be able to reach a mutually acceptable agreement. If such a range cannot be established through a civil exchange, then the buyer and seller would both be well advised to look elsewhere to strike a bargain.
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    Not vinyl, but downloadable: https://librivox.org/search?title=The+Works+of+Edgar+Allan+Poe%2C+Raven+Edition%2C+Volume+2&author=POE&reader=&keywords=&genre_id=0&status=all&project_type=either&recorded_language=&sort_order=catalog_date&search_page=1&search_form=advanced I do have this one on 33 1/3...
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    Welcome to the forum! It's customary that all new vendors send a complimentary product to the first person that responds to their post. LOL. Welcome
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    brewed an afternoon pot of coffee. Been a slug today. Wife woke with a sore throat and ..... she went to the Dr. Nothing serious. Ear infection/s... both ears. She was relieved.... me, too. She's napping. I'm being quiet. Not really. I'm in the doghouse, listening to music. Quiet is .... she can't hear me making noise I've had the house open all day. It was kinda fresh this AM... and we're only going for 80 - 85`. Dinner is ready. Leftover tuna/noodle casserole. Works for me. I've been thinking I am gonna put a pot of [pinto] beans on. Good for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For breakfast, I serve them with scrambled egg and tortillas.... put a dollop of cottage cheese on the beans. Salsa, if you have some. That will carry you to lunch. Spose I should give patting tortillas a try. Too bad I don't have a big flat top. I do have cast iron pans. They will have to do. French tortillas [crepes] might be easier.There is a Hungarian version of crepes, too. The Hungarians prolly invented them...and the French claimed it. Like, we don't associate pasta with the Chinese.
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    Kinda like watching paint dry is so very true. Finally done yet not done. One more Levolor to order for the French doors out onto the patio. I hate putting antique white on anything. Always takes about 3 coats before it looks good. At least I'm outta that light brown sidewall color. I've got so much to sort and do yet I'm amazed. I'm on it though! Pretty bad when I'm visualizing Jubes in the corners. 😂 Maybe by Christmas! lol
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    china in China... Nanchang to be exact.
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    Just some spring pictures, not great like the title of this thread, just I pad pictures. One from March 28 April 5 April 19 Still not completely filled out, but summer is close.
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    Its not just about the best cable but the right ends will make all the difference.
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    Great idea! Sooo many great groups out there when I was young so gonna post just a lil Motown to get the party started. When I got my license it was time to hit the Roostertail in Detroit every Sunday evening. Yup, I disappeared and took friends with me when I went. People thought I was insane for spending 3 hours driving one-way to hear everyone. Always home late and had my grin on @ school the next morning. That's how I started... This dude right here w/a #1 hit @ 13 years old? Seriously??? He sooo had it workin! Talk about a killer A game? More than 40 years together? Just WOW every time! Ford opened their assembly line for these girls to shoot a video? Come on they're ridin in style! Mar tha Reeves & The Vandella's? Damn straight it was a HeatWave EVERY Sunday evening!
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    Triple LP's @Budman? Lawd have mercy! Took an hour drive to Cbus today for an eye appointment. Gallon of sanitizer at the ready, my Spanish Doc had a little girl and smelled great peering into my eyeballs. Did I mention she's absolutely gorgeous? Turned her on to some Nils Lofgren "Live" last time and she loved him. Doors Isle of Wight this time since she wanted another one. hahaha Then stopped for maters and flowers to plant, then a stop for a bologna sandwich and their onion rings to go @ http://gandrtavern.com/ and slipped into the house stuffed. Best bologna sammich on the planet! Enough for one day. Now I've got the itch @ 9PM? Seriously? Hmmmm... Cranked!
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