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  1. I thought 1 watt was full power with those things.🙃
  2. Go big or go home. The rest of us have gone to 6AWG. We solder it to the VC wire.
  3. It’s not the crossover, because if it was, neither of your woofers would be working. So, it’s either damage to the driver, or your little buddy chewed through some wiring. Use a Torx bit #20 to remove the screws to the back plate. Inspect the network and the wiring. With a good flashlight, you can inspect the wiring through the rear. Same Torx bit for the woofer. Avoid power tools and take your time. Once you get the woofer out, put a meter to it. Funny thread, do some people actually not know there is only one “deang”?
  4. Have you looked at them, checked the wiring?
  5. The original capacitors for that era were hermetically sealed paper and oil. He should’ve left them alone.
  6. You should stop bumping this thread and instead link it with a PM - for obvious reasons.
  7. ^This Along with the MDF, quite a bit of correction built into the new networks.
  8. Yup, I’m being a dummy. I was just thinking about the ones that cancel out.
  9. How can it amplify (sum). I thought it was out of phase wave cancellation? That’s why the response looks like a comb. I don’t see how this could ever be a good thing.
  10. It looks like the OP has already been chased away. Blaming every speaker problem on third party capacitors is stupid. I like to wait until the speakers are actually working first before I blame the brand/type of caps, lol.
  11. If your plan is to gut them, the cabinets would be practically worthless. I can’t imagine anyone paying for them with no drivers or crossovers. if you are tight with money, the answer is definitely not destroying a perfectly good set of loudspeakers. They were designed to be used as stage monitors and have a strong vocal presence. Converting the networks to the AA will rebalance the loudspeakers. It will pull the midrange back so you can hear the bass.
  12. This sounds like more than a capacitor related issue. He said he’s running them in his Cornwalls, and the LaScala’s sound terrible by comparison. So, I would recheck the wiring, and check to make sure the tweeters are actually working.
  13. @mark1101 Speaker Exchange (reconingspeakers.com) sells the factory part. Klipsch parts of course also has them, but you don’t get the instant turnaround. For the life of me I can’t figure why Klipsch doesn’t have an online store for most requested items.
  14. I think we should leave any enforcement of the rules to the moderators. We should always be interested in helping somebody figure out a problem. It’s not like he’s here shilling. The sound you are describing is what one might hear with no tweeters, yet you said you changed the diaphragms out. You should start by double-checking that they are actually working.
  15. https://reconingspeakers.com/products-page/klipsch-k77f-127126-diaphragm/
  16. Same. They won’t sell them. I had La Scala’s at the time and wanted to update them from the metal versions.
  17. Bonehead Land Is that the new name for the Forum, lol.
  18. Welp, I guess no more Klipschorns or LaScala's.
  19. What is the general condition of them? In nice condition they are still demanding a premium. I see them regularly go for $2500 - $3000. Tweeter diaphragms are inexpensive. Dead squawker could certainly be a bad connection. Loosen and retighten all of the screws on the terminal strips. AL-3 would be the best network for that driver complement. Least expensive route would be to find some on eBay and recap them. I build new with OEM parts. Cost is $645.00 a pair.
  20. You have access to their real time inventory?
  21. You have it backwards. Horns have controlled directivity. I think they’re brighter because that’s how they’re voiced. Live music doesn’t sound “buttery smooth”, in fact, most live music is fairly bright and a little harsh (a little).
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