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  1. Very cool story... Levinson comments on Khorns are in several articles. Good stuff. The Klipsch cartridge was also under the brand Zenn. I have never seen the diamond cartridge nor has anyone else.
  2. The 1625 in triode mode is superb. I have a two stage DC 2A3/45 amp I have wanted to up the schematic to use a 300b. The driver is a 7F8 loctal. This should be fun and there are plenty of 3/00B clones out there and no not the aleged WE. If I were to go modern production Emission Labs are second to none.
  3. Look at he early Klipschorns. I expect the Jubilee to take a similar path. I think it looks amazing not what I expected but the fact that it is even being released is a huge move forward.
  4. Yeah you can't just crank up some equipment even if it is original and claim to be Western Electric. There is more to it than that. I'd rather buy some of the other clones on the market.
  5. I actually have a Klipsch cartridge on my backup turntable a Braun PS600. I have a second cart and it is on its way to be rebuilt.
  6. I've started restoring some Fisher tuners. A few weeks ago @funkyhambone dropped of some HH Scott 330s and now I am restoring those. My plan is to do a low power FM in the music room and use FM to get the signal to other systems the old school way. I also have friends with a local FM radio show that would be cool to listen to and NPR national peoples radio.
  7. Would love to see a schematic for this one.... Coool!!!!
  8. It depends. How hard are the tubes being run? I've seen EL34 being run hard last someone only a few years. I know someone that leaves there tube amps on 24/7. This massively degrades lifespan.
  9. Good advice in this thread. I had a NOS 7F8 that looked great but screeched like a banshee. Scared the crap out of me...
  10. I did a 1625 as well since I had a box of 1625s. Good tube but took me forever to dialin.
  11. The knobs came with it. This is the el84 version. I love fisher gear. I'll catch heat but I'd take it over mcintosh.
  12. I rebuilt a Fisher X-100 and since it sounded so good I decided to keep it. Then I got a case but the faceplate was trashed. Ive been playing with the FrontPanel Express cad software and designed a new faceplate. Easy to learn just lots of editing. Check it out. I can't recommend them enough for only $100....
  13. Just not liking the prices is completely different than poor customer service. I do agree a little on the high side. However, They are one of the few sellers that if they say NOS they are NOS unlike ebay sellers that will sell you a used strong testing tube as NOS. I mainly purchase from Brent Jesse and second pick is still TubeDepot. Fortunately I have a for me lifetime supply of 12a*7 tubes. I was worried something really bad had happened with tube depot don't scare me like that lol.... 8-)
  14. Has anyone asked what the cornwall is being compared? Perhaps listener is accustomed to distorted or exagerated bass. I had a friend who said he didn't like Klipsch period. We had a few beverages and were listening to tunes when he finally realized it wasn't so much quantity of bass but quality of bass. This was on Belles and then he heard khorns. It took many listening sessions for him to realize what was up.
  15. What is the problem with TubeDepot? They are one of three vendors I use regularly. They have always been great to me and ship quickly since I am in Little Rock and they are in Memphis. I've only had a problem once and they refunded immediately.
  16. The authors of this book are beyond horn fans maybe fanatics. I'm greatful they sent me a signed copy. They worked on this book for 15 years. Klipsch almost didn't get more than a footnote so I put them in contact with Jim and PWK got a bigger section just before publishing. They realize there is more that could go into it but at some point they had to stop and just publish. The book is a great combination of history and theory. I'm more into the hostory as the theory hurts my head. I think it is also worth noting that Bjorn works for Celestion. This book is a must have for audio fans. This book was a labor of love I doubt they would ever make enough money to cover the time they spent on it.
  17. Just reporting what I've noticed so far. The curious thing I've found is all distortion is not equal. I've seen some amps test horrible but sound good. I have a sound tech rack which I'm learning to use but it isn't the entire picture. Measuring wrong thing I suppose lol.... Getting there...
  18. I have had many amps up to two watts. They do not all sound great. They need to be extremely well designed and the power supply is of the utmost importance. I don't have any EE in my background but I've noticed the better the power supply the better the SET amp. They also need a bit more refining. I built a 1625 triode amp and it sounded ok at first but not as nice as my 2a3/45 amp. My friend had me tweak the driver stage many times and it just went from an ok amp to great. I have several rebuilt PP amps EL37 7591 EL84 6L6 50CA10 2a3 but they just don't sound as good. The PP EL84 fisher is the best I've heard so far with the PP EL37 not far behind. What about higher powered SET amps 300b 211 845 ? I'd like to try a SET DC 300b/50 amp. However I think we are going to do a compactron 6HJ5 SET amp next. The best amplifier with horns I've ever heard was a Eimac 75tl which was a bit higher power but that build is not for the faint of heart. Perhaps it is topology and execution that are of the most important.
  19. I use new production for testing but for listening I prefer the real deal. Telefunken Amperex Mullard I'd put just about any vintage 12AX7 against new.
  20. Have you tried the critessales@gmail.com or 479-967-1542
  21. Bob Crites passed away. I'm not sure of the company status. Try Michael Crites. https://critesspeakers.com/
  22. Disturbing. I know people who swear by mega buck cables and power cord solutions. They look at me like a bottom feeder but that is ok. My wallet thanks me.
  23. Thanks Roy this is pure gold. My favorite part is where PWK imitates a phonograph don't know why but it cracks me up love it and perfectly done. His patience is very high and keeps trying to explain distortion to her.
  24. Do a completed sale search on ebay. That is an amazing driver. Anything Vitavox is valuable.
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