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  1. Anyone ever seen a Kenwood with tubes? KW220? I am not familiar?
  2. I just got the first part of the vaccine. Yes I am worried about it being rushed etc but this isn't about me it is about keeping my family and friends safe. A buddy who was in the military said he has had dozens of injections without knowing what was in them or what they were for and he has already had the vaccine too...
  3. Just finished rebuilding this Heathkit AA151 not as nice as the Fisher X100. It does have the cool 60's factor...
  4. Don't know why I love this song so much but ApeMan by The Kinks lives in my head rent free this week... This video and song is really cool.. A reference to Debra Pager snake dance scene..
  5. I rebuilt a Fisher X-100 which is a PPEL84.. I like it so much I am rebuilding a Heathkit AA151 which is also PPEL84.. I love the green one... TOO COOL.
  6. Where are you in Arkansas? I see one big cap and two small elextrolytics...
  7. why aren't they pushed into the corners?
  8. If you are to the point in your system where your worrying about "line noise" than I suppose you have made it. However worry about line noise feels like audio hypochondria to me..
  9. If the power supply in your gear isn't good enough to clean this up what is the point? In my diy stuff the power supply is the biggest part.
  10. I don't like to poke around a live amp. I just clip in enough multi meters that I don't have to move probes around. Then I turn the amp on take measurements turn it off. Then drain all caps before working on it again.
  11. This is very helpful.. https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/tubes-valves/30172-safety-practices-ultra-voltage.html
  12. I was so paranoid about seeing the electric blue jesus that I studied high voltage safety for years before working on a tube amp. I don't regret it and treat everything with respect.
  13. Reform the caps get it working if possible then pass it on to a high end collector with deep pockets. 8-) I'm thinking of doing a WE91A clone or as an interestring experiment the WE42A.
  14. The more original the Western Electric amplifier and "working" the higher the value. If I had a WE piece of gear I wouldn't lay a soldering iron to it. I'd sell it asap.
  15. i had some roached damaged crossovers in my belles. I used some russian polystyrenes... They are great...
  16. Here is another one from the shelf. It is an old Knight which had circuit boards in terrible shape. I gutted it and we kept only chassis tubes and iron. My friend Chris designed it as a PP triode EL37 with lots of bells and whistles. It is designed to be a little more gentle on the EL37s. It is silent even on Jubilees. I'm only worried about the wiring going to the internals of the power transformer. The rectifier tubes are two mullard gz34's...
  17. Got the green jewel today. It really ties the amp together.
  18. It was a facebook ad I paid 200 for the x100 and a tuner. Met him in a parklot and didn't get robbed lol... I found a site that did rub off lettering but it isn't cheap. Should look good. Trying to clean up some logos.
  19. That is awesome. That on/off/pots/combo thing does not age well and mine was broke. The guy on ebay sold me that and the Jewell for the frontpanel... The hayseed caps are so good they are now my go to for vintage gear. I have two Fisher tuners I am about to start on as well... I love the Fisher X100. It sounds great. Now I am looking for a way to do the frontpanel lettering and trying to talk a friend into building a wood cabinet for it.. Post some pics!!!!
  20. I've found I can live with most audio devices short term. Just keep listening the long term listening is what seals the deal..
  21. I know about the new one but I love the asthetics of the Trumpet. I love the construction and shielding... Good stuff.... Great score....
  22. Dammit Joe this has always been on my list of Tube Phono Preamps. Do you have any pics of the inside?
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