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  1. Thanks Jay. Any idea what frequencies the bass/treble knobs boost/cut? Also, have you tried the Vmax setting at all? Seems to me it would be a better feature for movies than music.
  2. For those of you that have an HK3480, what kind of adjustments can be made to bass/treble/loudness/etc? Thanks!
  3. I just bought one on eBay for $175 buy-it-now. I too thought the specs looked superb for the price. I'll post how it comares to my 10+ year old Sony unit.
  4. Looking to treat reflected waves in my basement theater.
  5. Just like the title says, looking to see if anyone overbought and has extra acoustic foam for sale. Let me know!
  6. Jordan, where in MN are you located?
  7. Thanks! I'm very excited to get it. It has both pre-outs and a separate sub-out, so I thought that was great in terms of flexibility. I think I'll really like it, especially for the price I paid.
  8. At at least two different points on the 20Hz to 20kHz spectrum the RF-7s dip down to 2.8ohms. As a result, they really shine with a high current, low impedence amplification system.
  9. I sold the item that I was going to use to fund the purchase of a new amp/receiver. I found a few Harman Kardon HK3480 two channel receivers for sale on eBay. I picked one up that is only 2 months old in brand new condition for buy-it-now of $175. I thought the specs looked really good: Stereo Mode : Continuous Average Power (FTC) Per Channel : 120 Watts per channel, 20Hz 20kHz @ <0.07% THD, both channels driven into 8 ohms 150 Watts per channel, 20Hz 20kHz @ <0.2% THD, both channels driven into 4 ohms Input Sensitivity/Impedance Linear (High-Level) : 200mV/47k ohms Signal-to-Noise Ratio (IHF-A) : 95dB Frequency Response at 1W (+0dB, 3dB) : 10Hz 110kHz High Instantaneous Current Capability (HCC) : ±45 amps Transient Intermodulation Distortion (TIM) : Unmeasurable Rise Time : 16µsec Slew Rate : 40V/µsec I'm not sure what the TIM, Rise Time or Slew rate refer to, but I think the high current design and 150 watts continuous at 4 ohms will be a nice complement to my RF-7s. I still need to sell my Sony receiver and I think with the leftover money I'll buy some acoustic room treatments.
  10. I'd like to think I got a great deal on my Cambridge Audio D300se 2.0 CD player, $120 including shipping. Had a 10 year old Denon before, no comparison to the Cambridge. Denon was way too 'digital' sounding. The Cambridge makes great recordings sound spectacular, and poor recordings at least listenable.
  11. I called my wife from work today and asked her if my Pink Floyd Pulse DVD had arrived. YEP!! So I came home for my dinner break and had to put the disc in for a listen. Good thing, since my wife is at work and isn't a huge Pink Floyd fan. Man the drums at the beginning of Learning to Fly literally scared me! I had no idea that RF-7s could put out THAT much bass, deep and tight! If only all music was recorded like this! And this is on my embarassingly cheap Magnavox DVD player that I got for free two years ago. [:$] I have a good 3 hours by myself tomorrow night while my wife is at work, and I know what I'll be listening to! [<)] By the way, its only $15.85 with free shipping if you order it from http://www.deepdiscountdvd.com
  12. Dean, I couldn't have asked for a more honest answer! Especially since you'd be the one doing the crossover upgrade! Thanks to everyone for their responses. I think I will take Dean's advice and look for a nice receiver first. I'll also be asking a friend who has RF-7s what receiver he was using when I heard his a few years back. I remember the sound being much nicer than my current setup.
  13. Wow! Lots of great advice here! I wouldn't shy away from a multichannel amp, but I only have two speakers now and don't foresee getting a center or surrounds for a looong time. I sold my previous system (Definitive Technology) to pay for my RF-7s. I too feel that a great 2 channel setup can be just as enthralling as surround sound for movies and music. Considering that, ideally if I were to get a new amplification device it would be 2 channel only. This might sound like a stupid question, but is there any difference between an integrated amplifier and a stereo receiver? Are they one in the same? Also, how difficult is it to remove the crossovers from RF-7s? I seem to have a knack for not being the most mechanically inclined, so if it involves too much work I just may have made up my mind as far as the new receiver versus crossover upgrade question.
  14. http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/thread/774424.aspx Something in the $400-500 range, can be either 2 channel or multichannel, just something nicer than I have.
  15. I bought my RF-7s for $1000! [] I'm just thinking of the fact that a new(er) receiver might be a nice step up from what I have now. I like to move in small increments when it comes to upgrading. My wife is happier that way. [6] {edit} I started a new thread about getting a new receiver versus DeanG's modified crossovers.
  16. As I was sitting here reading the replies to my new receiver thread, it dawned on me that I could have Dean upgrade my crossovers for a bit less than I'd thought of paying for a new receiver. My question would be, which would give me the more bang for my buck? I'd especially like to hear from others who have Dean's modified RF-7 crossovers. [co]
  17. Nothing wrong with it at all, I'm just getting the bug for the always elusive bigger & better. []
  18. I guess considering I don't have any digital inputs/outputs on my current receiver, the new one wouldn't necessarily have to have them. I'm really open to anything that will give me a nice, rich warm sound.
  19. Over the past few years I've started to sell off my coin and currency collection to the point that I have one note left. Its a $10 bill from 1929, National Currency that's from the American National Bank of St. Cloud, Minnesota (my home town). I would guess that the note is worth approximately $300-350 currently. As shown in my signature, my current receiver is a Sony Dolby Pro-Logic that I bought about 10 years ago. Its pretty powerful and I like the built in parametric equalizer that it has. It was the top of the line non-ES receiver when I bought it. I've seen such receivers sell for $75-100 on eBay. My question is, if I were to buy a receiver that was in the $375-$450 range, what are some of the best brands & models to consider? Ideally I'd like a receiver that had at least one digital input, doesn't necessarily need to have surround sound since I won't be buying any surround speakers any time soon, built in EQ or at least bass mid and treble adjustments, high current and high power to be able to drive the RF-7s with ease. I don't really need something with 100 inputs and 100 surround modes. Don't care what color or what size it is either. I listen to my stereo every day, either music movies or TV. I look at that $10 bill maybe once or twice a year. I know that I would get a lot more enjoyment from higher quality amplification. Also, is it possible to get anything decent in a preamp and amp combination in this price range?
  20. This link will give you all the specs you need: http://www.klipsch.com/product/product.aspx?cid=874&s=specs Looks like the power handling is 160 watts peak. You shouldn't have a problem, just back off the volume if you hear audible distortion.
  21. No problem guys! I'll see if I can get a good picture snapped when I get my poster framed and hung.
  22. Someone posted on here a couple weeks ago that there was a possibility that Maxell was giving away posters to revive their old "Blown Away" poster of the photograph that Steve Steigman had taken. So, I sent an email to techsupp@maxell.com stating: "I read on several internet forums that Maxell is giving away copies of the Steve Steigman 'Blown Away' poster from several years ago. If this is true, I would love a copy for my home theater! Mark xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx (My address) Thanks very much!!" Well, the poster arrived in the mail today in a very nice shipping tube! I haven't completely opened yet, but the poster is very big! I'd say it's about 2 feet tall, not sure of the width but probably 3-4 feet. They even shipped it free and it cost them $3.03 to ship it too! I've wanted this poster for my home theater for a long time now, and I finally have one! Now I just need to pick a nice frame and I'd be set. How do you think a frame that is cerametallic copper in color would look? [Y]
  23. He's gone through many different audio components as many of us here have. I know he's had at least one tube amp that he's talked about in the past.
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