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  1. Since when is 102db more than 102db?? RF-7 Floorstanding Loudspeaker Specifications FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 32Hz-20kHz ±3dB POWER HANDLING: 250 w max continuous (1000 w peak) SENSITIVITY: 102dB @ 2.83 volts/1 meter [:^)] [:^)]
  2. I'd love an XL t-shirt, white with copper Klipsch logo on front and back!
  3. Sorry, I was stressing the fact that the auction was ending shortly!
  4. Most of my home audio gear was purchased on eBay. Is it worth it? Heck yes! Do you have to be wary? Unfortunately, yes. I've bought ties, CDs, a digital camera, car bulbs, watches, electronics, speakers, just about everything. I've only had some very minor problems with a couple things. Typically as long as you deal with someone with a decent feedback rating (100+) you're ok. The camera I got was $100 including shipping, it was $150 plus tax in stores. I've bought several ties that retail for $125-150 for $10-20. Its a great place to buy if you have a very specific item you're looking for and don't mind waiting a little bit to get it.
  5. The stabilizing feet on the RF-83s look more like rocket boosters.
  6. Whew! Thanks Amy! All in fun, of course!! [6]
  7. Where have my beloved RF-7s gone?? They aren't in the current Reference line on the Klipsch site, and they aren't in the discontinued section either. Is Klipsch that ashamed of the speaker?!?! []
  8. Onkyo is generally a very good brand. Some of the HTIB items might be a little lower end, though. Harman/Kardon and Denon are generally good matches to Klipsch.
  9. Great deal, Chris. Some people prefer the speaker connectors of the 630 vs the 730.
  10. The fact that they have a relatively low wattage rating takes advantage of the high sensitivity of Klipsch speakers. And they are clean watts, real watts. My 730 drives my RF-7s with ease, I've never had it above 1/2 volume. And its LOUD and CLEAN! They really are a very inexpensive way to set up a decent 2 channel system without breaking the bank. Then if a person decides to go with newer higher end gear they probably won't lose any money if they sell the 730.
  11. Personally I'd ****** up a pair of RF-7s if you can find them and then later you can upgrade your receiver.
  12. You may get a slightly higher output with a Y adapter that plugs in to both L and R inputs on the sub. Otherwise it will play just fine with only one plugged in. If you are able to have someone help you set the sub up, sit where you would normally listen to your speakers. Play some music with some decent bass that you can hear/feel. Start with the gain turned all the way down and slowly turn the gain up until the subwoofer is at the level you want it to be. Some people like their subs up higher, some lower. Its all personal preference. With the phase, if its an either/or zero degrees or 180 degrees, use whichever setting sounds loudest at your listening position. Otherwise if it can be set anywhere between zero and 180 degrees, have your friend slowly turn the knob from zero to 180 and then back again. Again, set it where the bass output sounds the loudest. The phase adjustment helps your subwoofer blend with your main speakers better.
  13. Yes. I think its $5. Not sure about the wireless router, but there are two USB ports in the front that must do something! []
  14. Sony Sony Sony. Up until a couple years ago the only name I associated with any type of stereo equipment was Sony. My best friend had Sony gear most of his life and he got me hooked on it too. It all started when I was shopping for an HDTV two years ago. I had a Sony 27" tube TV. It was nice, but I really wanted an HDTV. Saw an ad in the local Ultimate Electronics for a 42" Mitsubishi for under $1000. I could hardly bring myself to go look at something that didn't have that 4-letter word (Sony) on it. I went reluctantly. I did look at the Sony TVs while I was there. I also looked at the Mitsubishi. I went home with the Mits. I thought its picture was much clearer and more natural. I still love Sony Trinitron tube TVs, but the Mits got my vote for the big screen. Thus began the de-throning of Sony at my house. My Sony DVD player was a non progressive scan model that needed replacement. Once it started locking up in the middle of most movies I watched it was time for it to go. My boss had a dinner party at his house and had a huge assortment of gifts he gave away. One of them was a Magnavox progressive scan DVD player. Not exactly high end stuff, but a big improvement from the Sony. The addition of a Motorola DVR meant my Sony VCR is serving official dust-collecting duty. Haven't used it in a couple years now. My purchase of RF-25 speakers opened my eyes to the need to replace my Sony Dolby Pro-Logic receiver. It was very outdated and was way too bright. Plus my wife spilled beer on the remote and you couldn't turn it down anymore, only up. Thanks to the advice of certain folks on here such as Colin I then purchased a vintage Harman / Kardon HK 730 Twin Powered receiver. My Sony 200 disc changer was next given the boot. It skipped terribly when I turned the volume up and, like the receiver, was way too bright. My most recent audio purchase was a Denon single disc player with a beautiful, neutral sound. My 200 disc changer now acts as a CD storage unit. So there you have it. I went from Sony (TV) Sony (VCR) Sony (DVD) Sony (CD) Sony (Receiver) to Mitsubishi (TV) Motorola (DVR) Magnavox (DVD) Denon (CD) Harman / Kardon (Receiver) I still have my PlayStation 2 and my Sony alarm clock. Thinking more about it I also have a Sony answering maching but I haven't used that in a long time. I guess I'm living proof that there's life after Sony! []
  15. My non-TIVO DVR from Charter does this also. Up to two week programming and can be set up to record a certain show whenever it airs. Also has HDTV decoding built-in. {EDIT} I just looked and its a Motorola MOXI Broadband Media Center.
  16. Yes, they're mine. Email with any questions![H] http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5860412132&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1
  17. I would have purchased a bigger TV first. That little 4" screen would fatigue my eyes pretty quickly. []
  18. Sorry. That was me that posted about them...and then me that bought them! [:$]
  19. Thanks for the link! I already bought one on eBay that will hopefully work. Otherwise I'll get the one from partstore.
  20. I just found out that the Denon CD player I got on eBay (DCD-590) isn't coming with a remote. [] It's a model that was made around 1993. Does anyone know if Denon is like Sony in that just about any Denon CD player remote will work? If I'm not able to find exactly the same remote that came with it, am I sunk? Thanks
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