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  1. I've always loved your candor Marty, have not been in here in some time but great to see some of the not too old faithful remain! Cheers
  2. For sure $1050 is a bargain for these puppy's as I know first hand THX To Cueman for the free cabs, Michael C for the rebuilt A/AA X-Overs, His Daddy for the 125's and my K77/K33's from the late and wonderful Daddy Dee Edwards (Currently jamming with the Angels)
  3. I've not been around here in quite some time but I applaud everyone's effort on keeping the PWK legacy alive and moving into the future so that many more can see where it all started. Elden a softie, no way
  4. Well I'm just glad to see new product coming out in the Heritage line Been a long time since I've been to the forum, love the new look, not as much as the two new releases but close
  5. THX Rick, I'm hoping they do offer this mat in the future
  6. Hello Klipsch, where can a fella pick up a couple of those nice PWK Cork turn table mats ifin' he already has a couple tables? Could not find them on the Klipsch site as a stand alone purchase? Many THX Kaiser
  7. Captured this the other night on my evening bike ride, I'm in agreement with Amy on that BE shot in BC Oldenough
  8. Great offer and would love to take advantage of it if I did not already own S3M, X4, R6 and X7's not to mention a plethora of other iem's! My portable disease is far worse than my home audio gig these days
  9. I got my mint condition Industrial cabinets for free (THX again Cueman), just had to pick them up in AZ
  10. So I got to go and meet someone who has been around a while for Record Store Day saturday Picked up his two LP State album and had him sign my Initiation album
  11. Now that I have the SE 29'er I've given my wife my old Redline PL-24 which she has always loved, it's in the paint shop getting it's 5th paint job (Her favorite color Lambo Orange) for her Birthday coming up on 04/20 (I know, I love that date too)
  12. Great clip of the big wheel Carl, my buddies and I used to do this Catamaran style on two skate boards. We would take big hills sitting face to face with each other while placing our feet on each others board ends and then controlling pitch with our hands on our board ends Talk about major rush So here's my latest Bike Tarheel, looks like the Hogs play you guys next
  13. Yeah baby, and some bee hives to polinate your crop and put honey in your beer
  14. Man, what an awesome retirement plan Dave, your living quarters upstairs in an awesome building with a distillery/recording studio downstairs. Being right across the street from your dad's old business is icing on the cake not to mention the history of that building Fingers crossed and hoping you get that deal
  15. Probably no less than a dozen sets of those at your place!
  16. Oh look, it's James Bond of Russia
  17. These work great if you wanna use banana plugs. Pack of eight. http://www.ebay.com/itm/8-Adapter-Fisher-Mcintosh-Eico-Amp-Banana-Plug-SPADE-Accuphase-E-202-P-300-amp-/180785029266?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a17a0a092 Good call Tas, makes for fast wire removal when you want to move those babies around
  18. They sure were, still can't figure out why you did not give them to me
  19. Vlad's the man, if he's legit he will probably need to retract thet service statement
  20. Your picture attaching skillz rock Marty Jk
  21. I sent this link to a friend up in the New England states that may be interested, best I could do
  22. Dave, did not see it listed but is there a HK Twin available there?
  23. Now what I'm about to say is verbatem from my good friend and sales rep who sold me my main rig. My BAT VK-200 is 100WPC and he says the RGP 400 will make it sound and deliver like a 200WPC amp. I am about to take that leap after several years thinking about it myself. I trust him and he has years of first hand experince in his showroom with them so give me a month or so and I'll give you my impression
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