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  1. Too bad Mac doesn't make SET amps!!!
  2. Best RCM solution?

    Curious, which cleaner came with it that wouldn't clean?
  3. Adding sub to (my) "Belle's"

    I am only going to say this to you, I disagree with that statement that subs can't be meshed with horn loaded speakers. I use two SVS subs with my khorns and you would very surprised at how well they mesh and how good they sound. Of course I have room treatment and used REW to match all the phasing and delays to perfection... Anyway I highly recommend the SVS subs they have incredible customer service and great subs at good prices...
  4. I would have to agree with this, since going active and tri amping my khorns I listen to a lot more music even FM radio... Using REW to get the phasing correct and time alignment of all the drivers I can hardly turn it off once I turn it on...
  5. WTB forte ll crossover.

    Funny you go looking for one thing and find another, I didn't find the Forte II xovers with just a quick look sorry I will look more later. I did find a pair of xovers for the Cornwall II's.
  6. WTB forte ll crossover.

    I am pretty sure I still have my two originals, I would have to look if your interested.
  7. Anyone here still using AudiogoN?

    I use to use Audiogon all the time until all the changes, now I find it much easier to use US Audio Mart!!!

    My wife grows Habanero Peppers and I use them in food or she makes a nice salsa with them, these are hot enough for me...
  9. Tubes bad in 80 days on new Mc275? Are they BS'ing me?

    When I install new tubes in any part of my system I leave that gear on for 48 hours minimum to burn in the tubes and have never had a failure or a problem, being doing it for years. My money is on the tranny taken out the tubes. Tube under normal conditions last damn near forever, I mean a pretty long time as in years....
  10. Tubes for K77 and K55 (LaScala)

    I am using a 20-30 year old Yamaha Pro audio amp I got from ebay, it's 25wpc and I have it turn up half way. I would think that as long as it is working and in spec it should be fine.
  11. Tubes for K77 and K55 (LaScala)

    Yes exactly!!!
  12. NOS Western Electric 350B tubes

    Isn't that what I said in other words? (voicing your amp) What's your point? I don't have that amp any more so it doesn't matter none to me, I was just trying to pass along what I discovered trying the WE 300B tubes.
  13. NOS Western Electric 350B tubes

    This is just my opinion but, when I tried using real Western Electric 300B tubes in my 300B amp years ago they sounded terrible. I soon discovered if your amp is/was not voiced for the Western Electric tubes chances are it will not sound good...
  14. Tubes for K77 and K55 (LaScala)

    I have a custom pair of xovers for khorns if you are interested. Also I am using a SS amp to drive my woofers in a tri amped setup... The sound is pretty incredible with flea powered tube amps and SS on the bottom, of course I am also using a Xilica 4080 to run everything!!!
  15. FM Reception

    I use a Scott LT 110-B tube tuner and it pulls in everything using an antenna in my attic. At the same time I have one of the Sony HD tuners that is suppose to be great for DXing, and on the same antenna I can't get the same stations as I can with the Scott.