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  1. WTB or Trade Telefunken 12AT7

    As the title says I am looking to buy or trade for one Telefunken 12AT7 tube that is tested and known to be good. I have all kinds of other tubes to trade for one...
  2. Active Bi-Amping/Tri-Amping FAQ

    Get the Xilica and call it a day, you won't regret buying it and it will be the last one you ever buy...
  3. Go to the SVS website and look at their bargin deals, you will not find a better sub at that price point anywhere!!! I started with one SVS SB1000 then two of them and finally I now have two SB2000's and I more than happy with them!!! Shipping is free and returns also are free, SVS has the best customer service I have ever run into!!!
  4. 6SN7 Tubes

    Ok well they may work for you in your system, hopefully you know tubes are system dependent and you may have found a good match for your system? I was just saying what I read by many others on different forums. Also no need for you to point out my use of exclamation marks, unless you are looking for a pissing contest or something!!!
  5. 6SN7 Tubes

    Not sure where you are going with this, care to explain???
  6. 6SN7 Tubes

    BTW just in case someone wants to try the 6J5GT tubes, what I found works great is two tubes from one brand and two tubes from another brand!!! This way you get the best of both tubes sound quality!!!
  7. 6SN7 Tubes

    I did some reading on these and they didn't do so well in most peoples opinion!!!
  8. Active Bi-Amping/Tri-Amping FAQ

    Ok just so you know it works very well!!! I am using a SS amp on the woofers and two different tube amps one for the mids and one for the tweeters!!!
  9. 6SN7 Tubes

    Hey Tim, No problem brother willing to help however I can, with that said I use these tubes in my pre-amp and not my amp. Simply because in the pre-amp is where I get the most benefit in sound quality, I may try them in the amp also down the road...
  10. 6SN7 Tubes

    Hi Tim, Without getting way technical this was intended for 6SN7 users, that want better sound quality at a much cheaper price than paying for vintage NOS 6SN7's... Basically I been using 6SN7's for years until I discovered the 6F8G about five years ago, been using them until a couple months ago when I learned about the 6J5 GT's and how cheap they are!!! In summary just use the 6J5 GT where ever you can in place of 6SN7's...
  11. 6SN7 Tubes

    I don't know the why but, I can tell you that back in the day the 6J5 was a single triode in glass. Then I guess someone had the idea to put two triodes in a single glass and the 6SN7 was born... As for sound one vendor told me they sound exactly like their counterparts the 6SN7 of the same brand, because the exact same material was used. This I don't know for sure, what I do know is this is the most linear tube in the octal world period!!! The more linear the better the sound it is just that simple!!!
  12. 6SN7 Tubes

    Exactly, nothing for you since as you stated you don't use them!!!
  13. 6SN7 Tubes

    Well bro you don't have to be a part of this thread! Just don't post in it any more if your not interested! it is for the others who may want to spend the time to find better sound quality!!!
  14. 6SN7 Tubes

    Ok guys this is what I have learned, the 6J5 GT tube is exactly one half of the 6SN7. So you will need adapters that go from two 6J5 GT's to one 6SN7 tube. The adapters can be found on ebay for around $50 for a pair. These tubes are the most linear octal tube out there period, if you know anything about tubes the more linear the better the sound quality. I have been using these tubes for about two months now prior to that I was using the 6F8G tubes which are identical to the 6SN7 but have a different pinout so an adapter is needed. I got tired of paying the unreal prices for vintage NOS 6SN7 tubes. I tried the 6F8G tubes at the request of a friend and never looked back, they are better than the 6SN7 in every way. Now back to the 6J5 GT's these are way better than anything I have ever tried before and I have tried a lot of them!!! These tubes are so linear it will take you a bit to get use to them but, they do sound a lot better than any 6SN7 I ever heard!!! Also they are easy to find and dirt cheap!!! Now here is the only bad news!!! You will have to go through a few of them to get a matched pair or quad because they are very microphonic!!! Other than that they are simply awesome!!! It is well worth the effort to try and find some that work!!! If anyone is planning on trying them PM me and I can tell you which ones sound like what....
  15. 6SN7 Tubes

    Anyone here using these tubes in their systems? If so and you are interested in a huge improvement in sound quality just reply.