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  1. That was a long time ago when my system was all SS. What I remember is the air created by tubes and the space between notes, that is what really stood out for me. Also the ability to change tubes to alter the sound slightly... At one time I was interested in the look of glowing tubes not anymore, now its all about the sound quality...
  2. My Khorns are tri amped and I use a SS amp on the woofers and tubes on the mids and tweeters...
  3. I had them built years ago for my upgraded Khorns, after going all active I sold them for roughly half of what I had in them.
  4. Well do check it out, you will not be disappointed and you will not go back to 6SN7's!!! Oh I forgot to mention that the 6J5GT's are a lot cheaper than the 6SN7's....
  5. So if your new pre amp uses 6SN7 tubes you can try the 6F8G tubes with an adapter which are better than any 6SN7 tube I ever heard. Or even better and what I use in my Rogue are the 6J5GT tubes with an adapter, they are the most linear octul tubes out there. You will need a quad though, they are exactly one half of a 6SN7 tube so 4 tubes and 2 adapters.
  6. Well in that case I am not sure, I have a Rogue 99 Magnum and have used many different tubes in it and the two tubes on the right side are the ones that effect sound quality the most.
  7. Would this be a Rogue 99 by chance? If so the two tubes on the right side will have the greatest influence on sound quality, let me know if it is a Rogue I can help.
  8. What will be the primary use of the receiver?
  9. Sure, the sound opened up qite a bit there is a much bigger soundstage and everything got really smooth. No more honking and edgeyness...
  10. I am looking for a nice sound set of headphones that I can plug into my tape decks and listen, time I want to listen and not bother the wife watching tv. My budget is $200-$300.
  11. I have his early Khorn drop in mods, 2" wooden horns and 2" BMS drivers. I could never go back to anything else hearing these in my quad amp setup...
  12. Leslie's tapes are awesome but he is pricey!!!
  13. If you have the means to play these 1/4" 2 track tapes and could afford some at moderate prices, name some that would be on your go to list?
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