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  1. canyonman

    45 amps

    Jeffery, (1) In this case no I was comparing NOS tubes not the EML tubes. (2) I did run just the 45 amp with NOS and EML tubes by itself before I went to an all active setup. Nothing ever sounded better to me until I went active. Just so you know when I said quad amped I was including the subs, so in reality my system is tri amped.
  2. canyonman

    45 amps

    Now you are on to something, yes it cost more but you get what you pay for as you stated earlier they other 45's were cheaply made. My system is quad amped so I have not trouble using a flea powered tube in my setup, at 118db the mid drivers in my system can be driven with a cell phone. In my system the 2A3 did not sound anywhere close to the 45 and that's what I was referring to when I posted earlier.
  3. canyonman

    45 amps

    You should read my reply more closely, I did not recommend anything I said what I was using and what differences I heard between them...
  4. canyonman

    45 amps

    The 45 tube is much more linear so the sound quality is much better...
  5. canyonman

    45 amps

    I too run the EML 45 Solid Plates nothing I've tried comes close to them, they just do everything better...
  6. canyonman

    45 amps

    I been using a Korneff 45 amp for years with my Khorns and nothing has ever sounded better to me. I had a 300B for years in the same set up then tried the 2A3, they did not compare to the 45 amp not even close...
  7. My Khorns are tri amped the amp I am using on the woofers only is rated at 45wpc, and I am running it at half of it's max output....
  8. Jeffery, I did all of this testing long before I tri amped my system, so it was all done with the amps playing full range and all of the drivers through a passive xover. I tried the NOS 45, 2A3's and 300B's WE and all others the 45 tube was always the best in my system and that's why I stayed with that amp... In staying with that amp I could see no reason to take out the EML tubes as the were clearly better than all others I tried...
  9. Before I forget I might add that I did compare the 45 tube to the 2A3 and 300B using other tubes that were not made by EML, and the 45 sounded the best to me in my system...
  10. Well if you really need to know the answer is no, the other tubes compared were not EML tubes. In my opinion that doesn't matter or is it what counts, what matters is which tubes sound the best in my system and the EML solid plates beat all other I tried... The comparison is not skewed as you say I compared different tubes and even different amps at times, the EML 45 tubes were much the best no matter what else I tried...
  11. What I was really comparing was the sounds I was hear coming from my system, and as I said before my system with the 45 EML solid plate tubes was much the best!!!
  12. Joe, In my opinion just stick with really good 45 tubes and let the dust settle. I tried 300B's, 2A3's, 50's, and 46 tubes and none sounded as good as the 45 EML solid plates in my ststem!!!
  13. Chris, This is a very good explanation as to how to get it right, thanks for posting.
  14. Too bad they are just too big for my room!!! I wanted to try Jubs but my room won't hold them, heck my Khorns are actually too much for my room but I live with them and always will...
  15. Before you decide on a company to buy from, I suggest you listen to different tubes to determine which type you like the sound of. Then look for a pre-amp that uses that type tube.
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