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  1. For Sale Scott LT 110- B Tuner

    Bump this up one time!!!
  2. Klipschorns In A Small'ish Room

    No, the EQ will only EQ the frequency's as Marvel says you need a DSP to time align electronically but; you can move the tweeters all the way to the rear of the speaker and have the tweeter and mid horn time aligned. This will improve the sound quality some what...
  3. Klipschorns In A Small'ish Room

    I am using Khorns in a smallish room, 13x16x8 and I sit back at 11 feet. I listened this way for years using an SET amp at 2 wpc, I have since gone all active and tri amped my system and it just got so much better!!! Khorns will work in a small room if setup correctly....
  4. Super Tweeter Foster T90A

    I use a pair of these in my 2 channel setup, I can't imagine using them in a 5.1 setup...
  5. WE 300B production to be up in Sept. 2018

    A word of caution here, if your amp isn't voiced for the particular tube it won't sound very good. I had a real nice 300B amp years ago that I tried the WE 300B tubes in it, I wanted to hear what all the fuss was about concerning the WE 300B tubes. Well they sounded terrible in my amp and I am not saying the tubes were bad or anything, my guess is my amp wasn't voiced or setup with using those in mind. Anyway put the meshie's back in and all the magic came back, lesson learned and I sold the tubes for what I paid for them. As a owner of Klipsch speakers most of us can use what ever amp we like, I went from that 300B amp to the 45 amp and have never looked back and never will. The 300B amp was really nice I loved it but, it was very lush and laid back and kinda lacked the inner detail that I like. The 45 amp is just better in all aspects to me....
  6. Active Bi-Amping/Tri-Amping FAQ

    A couple guys asked about my results with using the Xilica XP 4080, so here are the latest measurements from my room. It sounds awesome with these settings here, I haven't changed anything but some tubes since last year when I finished this and the results are pretty much dead on. I did pick up a little bit on the HF end but, not enough to adjust anything as you can see....
  7. For Sale Scott LT 110- B Tuner

    Ok guys I want to move this so now $300 shipped in the US...
  8. Belle Review

    Guys there is no need in making him feel any worst than he does already, he saw what he thought were great speakers and bought them....
  9. Belle Review

    I thought we were talking about the ALK's not the speakers, my mistake.
  10. Belle Review

    Which auction site?
  11. Belle Review

    So have you gotten the ALK Xovers yet???
  12. Belle Review

    90 db is pretty loud btw, you are probably less than that. At the end of the day the xovers are what is gonna have the most effect on sound...
  13. For Sale Gingko Cloud 9S and Mint Tractor

    The Mint Protractor is SOLD!!!
  14. I have a Gingko Cloud 9S for the VPI Scout/Scoutmaster tt in great shape and a Mint Tractor for any 9" VPI arm, $250 for both plus shipping. Pics on request.
  15. For Sale Scott LT 110- B Tuner

    I have a nice Scott Tuner for sale everything works as it should it has a custom cabinets and premium tubes in the audio section, brings in stations easily with good antenna. $300 plus shipping. Pics on request.