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  1. Well if you really need to know the answer is no, the other tubes compared were not EML tubes. In my opinion that doesn't matter or is it what counts, what matters is which tubes sound the best in my system and the EML solid plates beat all other I tried... The comparison is not skewed as you say I compared different tubes and even different amps at times, the EML 45 tubes were much the best no matter what else I tried...
  2. What I was really comparing was the sounds I was hear coming from my system, and as I said before my system with the 45 EML solid plate tubes was much the best!!!
  3. Joe, In my opinion just stick with really good 45 tubes and let the dust settle. I tried 300B's, 2A3's, 50's, and 46 tubes and none sounded as good as the 45 EML solid plates in my ststem!!!
  4. Chris, This is a very good explanation as to how to get it right, thanks for posting.
  5. Too bad they are just too big for my room!!! I wanted to try Jubs but my room won't hold them, heck my Khorns are actually too much for my room but I live with them and always will...
  6. Before you decide on a company to buy from, I suggest you listen to different tubes to determine which type you like the sound of. Then look for a pre-amp that uses that type tube.
  7. Before I went to an all active setup I used a Korneff 45 amp on my khorns for years never hurt anything, and that amp only puts out 2 wpc max on it's best day!!!
  8. Try the tube amps, tubes and horns are a match made for each other!!!
  9. canyonman

    6sn7 GTB

    Schu try to find a Rogue Magnum 99 you won't be sorry... Their customer service is second to none also...
  10. I thought the Beyma's were a lil too hot for me, I tried the APT-200's I liked them and then I ended up using the Fostex 90A's and that where I am now... I tried all these with the BMS 2" drivers...
  11. Curious, why are you selling?
  12. canyonman

    6sn7 GTB

    PM me fora list of possibilities....
  13. What I am doing now is listening to some of this great sounding music I have and really enjoying it!!! Not worried about the Jones's are keeping up with anyone or anything, my system sounds fantastic now so I am done chasing the dragon. I have a lot of new Master Tape copies to listen to and that's where I am now!!!
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