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  1. I agree with you I am just trying to find the sensitivity rating in numbers!!!
  2. In trying to find the sensitivity spec for this speaker I get what is called: Conforms to Dolby Atmos specs. what exactly does this mean???
  3. Thanks guys it seems though these are discontinued, any newer ones? When I said match I didn't mean a perfect match just something that will work with the mains.
  4. I have a smallish room and I am using Forte' II's as mains, what smallish Klipsch speakers would be a decent match for the Forte's? Also they have to go up on the wall.
  5. I use a Richard Gray Power Station...
  6. Schu, I don't have jub's but I do have Khorns with 2" drivers and I can affirm what Chris said about the loudness. My room is small compared to most 16.5x13.5x8 and I assure you I never ever get close to max volume, as far as that goes my amp is a whopping 2wpc on it's best day. With that said it will and can run you right out of the room if you so desire!!! I probably listen between 80-90 db most of the time and that is just to feel the dynamics and the weight of the music. The difference between my Khorns stock and with the 2" drivers is just stupid!!! Next to zero distortion much more clarity and cleaness, hope this helps...
  7. Are you using tubes?
  8. Xovers for what speakers?
  9. For what it's worth my room is 13.4 x 16 x 8 and I have Khorns in it and they sound great, I did do a lot of work in the room though. Acoustic treatment, recently tri amping, and eq ing.
  10. Chris, The bulk of the work is done I will post my settings later, this is the current trace of where I am now. Just need to decide on a house curve and adjust to the sound I like best, thanks for all your help brother. Oh BTW it sounds awesome!!! Jay
  11. Just curious, how do you train yourself to listen? What are you trying to hear?
  12. Well thanks etc6849, I have already found one and it works just fine for what I am using it for...
  13. I have just finished reading this thread, and most of it is exactly why I don't come here much anymore!!! Too much BS about what someone else is doing, who cares??? If you don't like something keep it to yourself unless some ask you directly about, why just foam at the mouth; BECAUSE YOU CAN.. Not a very good reason imo!!!
  14. Your a funny guy Carl, I don't answer the phone there is a bunch of Women that do that!!! LOL!!!
  15. My ringing seems to come into focus when the environment around me is quiet!!! Or at least that's when it seems louder... Like right now I am alone in my office and the ringing is constant!!!