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  1. How many watts?
  2. Ok guys I found a nice little 3.5 wpc tube amp for my tweeters, it will arrive tomorrow!!!
  3. Well my ears seem to always be ringing sometimes is worst than others...
  4. What do you mean by eating bad? What did you eat?
  5. Schu, Here is the short of it now, I started out bi amping using an active xover (Xilica 4080) I was so encouraged by what I heard that I decided to tri amp. So now I am waiting on the third amp to arrive on Friday for the tweeters. Then the measuring begins and making adjustments, so far I have just put in the xovers, slopes, and delay's and the sound quality is quite a bit better than before the changes.
  6. Found the gear thanks guys...
  7. Are there any others here using a tweeter amp?
  8. Ok just an update, I got everything connected and put in the xovers and slopes. WOW!!! Is about all I can say what a difference everything is clearer and the bass has much more authority!!! I am not using any filters yet and it already sounds better than before!!! Looking forward to measurements and adjustments!!! Huge shout out to Chris A. for all his help and insight!!!
  9. Before I got into tubes I had an all Marantz system, a DC 300 amp with a 3250 pre. This sounded really good to me but the tubes are a lot better...
  10. I would not do it at all, the vibrations caused by the speakers will affect the tubes for sure!!! It can help them to become microphonic and you don't want that...
  11. How for away is your LP from the subs/woofers?
  12. Ok getting a little excited, my amp will be here tomorrow and my Xilica 4080 will be here Monday!!!
  13. I have been using a 2 wpc amp for years on my khorns and it will run you right out of the house if let it. I barely ever use more than 1 watt and reach levels that are more than enough...
  14. Ok so all the guys who are tri amping, what type amps are you using on your tweeters??? Name brand, how much power, tube or ss???
  15. No thanks way too much power!!!