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  1. Also, based on their location, they appear to be in a shed so likely not being used at all. Seller likely just wants them out of there.
  2. Welcome to the forums. Definitely appear to be RF7's as the horn is slightly smaller than the 10" woofers. The sub is likely the RSW12 as it appears slightly larger than the drivers on the RF7's. I believe the smaller tower is the RF3 as the horn is slightly smaller than the woofers. They definitely have been rode hard and put up wet. If they are unable to test them, I would definitely offer pretty low ($400 - $500) as you are taking a big risk that they may not even work and parts are difficult to replace due to them being over 15 years old. Just by looking at how bad they have been treated over the years, there very well could be issues. If you can test them and they sound good, I would personally would probably offer $600 - $800 for the set.
  3. I reviewed the RMC-1 last September and at the time, honestly, it was SUPER BUGGY. Hopefully they have most of the bugs worked out by now but am unsure about that. When it did work, it sounded great.
  4. This should help https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/161759-klipsch-heritage-codes/&do=editTags
  5. My friend just asked me to list his a few days ago. He also is selling his dual PB16’s. He’s upgrading to a full JTR system. https://offerup.co/yUU9zX53Deb Michael
  6. Youthman


    RSW-15 in cherry are gorgeous. Good luck with the sale.
  7. Fantastic looking room @Univek! Love the setup. Adding acoustic treatment behind my screen has been something I have wanted to do for some time but it always gets put on the back burner. Definitely on my to do list as I have a ton of echo inside the cabinet that I'm certain is not good for acoustics.
  8. Jim was absolutely great to work with. I spoke with him on the phone and he was super helpful answering my questions. Jim told me he would rather ship out the parts instead of having me ship him my AA networks in fear they might get damaged or lost during shipping. I found a friend that had experience in soldering so it was a pretty straight forward job. Hopefully the video helps.
  9. I did some additional testing today and it's definitely the crossover. Swapped XLR cables for Left and Right channel on the processor, swapped XLR cables for left and right channel on the amp, replaced speaker wire to left speaker, all with same results. I just reached out to JEM Performance Audio - https://jemperformanceaudio.com/ Klipsch has authorized them to repair Heritage speakers to factory spec. Most others modify or "upgrade" the crossovers with what they feel are better components. I would prefer to keep them as close to what PWK designed.
  10. Thanks Carl. I'm in Plant City. You can see it listed under my profile photo.
  11. Sorry fellas, that's way over my head. Any chance of getting that in layman's terms? The crossovers are all AA and the tweeters are all K77M.
  12. Looking for some help / advice as you guys are much more technical than I am. Short version... 1) I ran Dirac Live on the Monolith HTP-1 processor and after the calibration, I discovered the left speaker measured quite different than the center and right original LaScalas (1980 model). 2) Using REW and UMIK-1, I measured the Left, Center and Right speaker. The center and right had similar frequency responses but the left speaker measured quite different. 3) I swapped the left and right tweeter 4) Took new measurements. The center and right speaker had a similar frequency response, the left speaker measured quite different So this tells me the tweeter is not the issue. 5) I took three nearfield measurements to try and take as much of the room out of the equation as possible and pretty much had the same results. Below is a video showing measurements from #2-4 above. I'm editing a video now of #5 above and will share it in this thread once I get it edited and will post it here as well. I'm thinking the crossover in the left speaker is faulty and will need to be repaired / replaced. Let me know if there is any other testing I should do before purchasing another AA crossover.
  13. Well, I swapped the tweeters with my Left and Right LaScalas and took some measurements with REW and the issue stayed with the left cabinet so that means the tweeter is not the issue. I'm wondering if the crossover is the issue. I'll update this thread and post in the Technical / Modifications section to see if I can get some additional eyes looking at my issue to help me troubleshoot it.
  14. Would the K77 and K77M sound different?
  15. Looks like he has the K77. I’m needing the K77M.
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