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  1. @henry4841 How old does something have to be to be considered "vintage" (for the purpose of this thread)?
  2. I'm fairly certain this didn't come with any upgrades. If my memory serves me right (and sometimes it doesn't), I believe the updates that were offered by Mark didn't come out until the time version II of the Peach and Blueberry came out. Maybe some of the other Juicy Music aficionados can chime in if they have better information.
  3. I have for sale an original (version I) Juicy Music Peach pre-amp. I originally purchased this from our highly respected @Daddy Dee back in December of 2005 (may he rest in peace). It has had very little use since I’ve owned it due to a variety of reasons (very limited time for listening, not having primary system setup over several years, and owning a few other similarly high quality pre-amps). As a result of this, I would guestimate it has had about two years of mostly weekend use since I’ve owned it and it has sat protected in its box for at least 14 of the years that I’ve owned it. It comes with its original box and manual. The pre-amp is in overall excellent condition. Looking it over the only defects I find are some very, very slight indentations on the top of the case that are only visible if you look very closely under lighting. They look as if a wire may have been sitting on top of the wooden case and some weight or pressure was applied to it. Other than that, it is probably in about the same condition it was when shipped new. Functionally, I just had it set up recently and it is working as I remember when I used it last several years ago (still sounding great!). Price is $OLD. This price includes transaction fees (e.g., PayPal) as well as shipping and insurance anywhere within the continental U.S. For other locations, contact me and I can estimate the cost. For security reasons, buyer must have been a member of the Klipsch Forum for at least six months with at least 10 posts as of the time of this ad being posted. For potential buyers that don’t meet that criteria, I will still consider selling but payment must be made with a U.S. Postal Money Order and I will not ship until funds have cleared. Please note that I do not live on the forum so you won’t always get an immediate response. I will however ensure I’m checking this thread and PMs at least daily. Edit: Pre-amp is located in DFW. Discount will be applied for those that can pick it up in person.
  4. I've been looking to buy what appears to be the exact audio racks that this guy has (they're actually TV stands). I have two just like them and need two more. Unfortunately, the ad is now no longer there.
  5. Wow! I'd love to see them. Can you post some photos?
  6. At $800, these appear to be a good deal based on the current prices on used Heritage. https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/ele/d/fate-speakers-for-sale/7369291762.html
  7. I'm sure I've said this before but those are gorgeous. I also see a pCAT there in the bottom right corner! Very nice as well!
  8. This is a shame to hear. I've only been to one ZZ Top concert, that was back in the mid-eighties. I think that concert contributed to my tinnitus. 😆
  9. Whoops, this was supposed to go in the Alerts section. Moderators: please move. @dtel
  10. Looks like a great deal given the current market. https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/ele/d/rowlett-klipsch-forte-stereo-speakers/7343612427.html
  11. https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/ele/d/arlington-klipsch-khorns-fisher-500c/7335858248.html
  12. @MalletteI'm very saddened and shocked to hear this news. It's been almost twenty years ago, but Dave invited me and a few other forum members to his home to listen to his Klipschorns powered by tube amplification (a type of ST-70 if I remember correctly), which I really wanted to hear. I recall he had them set-up in his bedroom as that was the room that had the best corners. I think that was in 2002. I only met him that one time but had communicated with him in other instances and here on the forum. He was likeable and clearly a good guy from my viewpoint. My prayers, thoughts, and condolences go out to his family and friends.
  13. J M O N

    Dead Deal

    Great price!!! @condensedflesh95
  14. Post your photos here, to include photos of the serial number tags so we can determine what you have and when they were made. This is a good place to sell them. If you want a wider audience, I suggest U.S. Audio Mart or Canuck Audio Mart in the event you are in Canada.
  15. Great price, even if they are just the bottoms.
  16. As noted above, the Belle has a shorter horn. One other difference of significance is that due to the nature of the structure of each cabinet, the Belle should resonate slightly less at higher volumes. This is due to the side panels of the Belle bass horn having a smaller (un-braced) area than the La Scala. Regardless, both speakers are fantastic and there are going to be much, much more similarities than differences. Although I've never heard them, the La Scala IIs are likely an improvement over both -- La Scala-sized mid horn, Belle-type looks, and much thicker panels to reduce cabinet resonances even further.
  17. As long as Klipsch continues working to improve the existing models, there's no reason to go back.
  18. FYI: Discussion on K-510 "clones."
  19. Do my eyes deceive me, or are those a bunch of K-402 horns??? And are there also K-510 horns on that pallet and in the background (left side of photo)?? More photos:
  20. Ran across this set if you are still looking: https://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/ele/d/plano-onkyo-integra-set/7303081754.html
  21. This seems like a pretty good price on what should be a very nice sounding 2A3 SET amp. Those with Klipschorns, Belles, La Scalas, and even Cornwalls should consider these. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649727134-triode-lab-2a3-set-amplifier/
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