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  1. My ears are still ringing from hearing ClaudeJ1's system a couple of months ago!
  2. pictures might help to see what the damage looks like
  3. Looking forward to seeing this project being built. I might need your advice on veneer for my K-Horn project.
  4. I live next to Flint. Everyone is discontented.
  5. I like the looks of McIntosh gear.
  6. I have bought dozens of records from Amazon, and also have returned a few. It's pretty much a no hassle event to return them. One thing to watch out for though, Amazon likes to "repackage" returned items. I have received a coupe lp's that had a different plastic wrap on them. Luckily they played fine. I use an ultrasound cleaner on all my lp's before I play them, and hardly have a noise issue. And yes, my vinyl sounds way better than my cd collection!
  7. I have read that the old tubes used far superior materials in the build, contributing to their signature sound. I have a boatload of tubes, both vintage and new production. It can be a crap shoot sometimes to get good vintage tubes, not because the tubes quality is bad, but because unscrupulous sellers are selling junk tubes. I have tubes built in the 40's that sound just wonderful, attesting to their longevity. I run vintage tubes in all my tube gear, consisting of 4 tube amps and 1 tube preamp, plus a cd player with tubes.
  8. $300 isn't going to buy you much of a turntable!
  9. I would definitely stay away from inexpensive tube gear. While some people have found good sounding cheaper tube gear, it's really a crap shoot. A good tube system is expensive compared to SS. Instead of investing in tube gear only to find out you don't like it, I would suggest listening to other peoples systems, if possible. Or if you happen to have a stereo store close by (becoming scarce) you could demo tube equipment vs SS on the same set of speakers to get a feel for difference in sound. I have let friends borrow tube equipment before so they could see if they like the sound.
  10. We have a bar named Scooters. If you rode a scooter to it, you would be scootin' to Scooters! If you danced in the bar, you could do the scoot scooter boogie.
  11. the dumbing down of America had more to do with the election than social media interference.My smart phone told me to say that.
  12. kevinmi

    What I Got Today!

    GZ 33's are cool also.
  13. WAIT, the Earth isn't flat? This changes everything...
  14. Since this is my first year being retired, Holidays are somewhat anti-climatic for me. It's like, wow, a three day weekend from not doing anything. But it is kinda fun listening to the traffic reports. I-75 is always at a standstill on holiday weekends up here.
  15. kevinmi

    Whats the Best

  16. kevinmi

    What I Got Today!

    One of my fave's for sure!
  17. That's why you should only play tapes in a "no fly zone"!
  18. I've got 2 of them, one is 3 3/4-7.5 speed two track, one is 7.5 -15ips speed two track. Both have 4 track playback heads as well. The Teac branded one is the A7300.
  19. They're actually more of a tomato soup red color in person. I've got blue ones, too!
  20. Don't plug in any tube gear with voltages that high!
  21. Otari has a good reputation as a dependable deck. What type of heads on it, 2 track or 4 track? I have 4 decks (2 Ampex and 2 Pioneer) and they are all 2 track. You lose half of your recording time, but the sound is much better. Watch out for older tapes, there is something called sticky tape syndrome. The coating on the tape will be sticky and gum up your deck in a hurry. You will know right away if you run into one. They're are a couple of companies making brand new quality blank tapes, and the prices are often comparable to what people are selling vintage tapes for. Old Maxell and TDK tapes hold up good. Ampex tapes not so much.
  22. kevinmi

    Car Thread

    It's got a 454 big block and 700r4 od transmission, monza headlights, Indy spoilers. The 87 on the left actually is more modified, with a complete ACI Stalker body kit, ported/polished tpi, dual exhaust, no emissions, custom prom.
  23. No affiliation. https://flint.craigslist.org/ele/d/flint-klipsch-speakers-for-sale/6953005461.html
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