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  1. great system, kinda makes your sticker peck up..
  2. selling khorns is like getting a vasectomy. yes, it is possible to reverse your error. but it is painful and costly.
  3. sipping some great kentucky bourbon (knob creek)
  4. ok, understand. stereophile did run this receiver with $45,000 wilson watts and they were mighty impressed. many paths lead to nirvana, hope you find yours.
  5. can you explain what this is to non engineers? or can (should) it be discussed on the net?
  6. i'd consider cutting a hole in the back of the rack, you gotta have some place for the hot air to go...
  7. since your just getting your feet wet, maybe wait to spend mega $'s. here is something to consider: Outlaw Audio Stereo Receiver RR2150 $699 http://www.outlawaudio.com/products/rr2150.html i'm running a RR2150 with my khorns, very pleased. has subwoofer output, inputs for ipod and an input for laptop so you can play anything in your itunes library. universally great reviews.
  8. i ran my khorns with tubes for the first 6 months i had them. last month SS. both are good because klipsch are good. ran heresy II's with solid state in the 80's and early 90's. sounded fantastic!
  9. it's weird to talk about the saints being good..
  10. i doubt there ever really were items for sale, probably just kids "having fun"
  11. Congrats Mark. Make sure to let us know your impressions when you get it hooked up.
  12. very kewl pics, thanks for sharing.
  13. In the last few weeks, i've fired my tube integrated, gone to Outlaw Audio's RR2150. This stereo receiver has a sub out and internal low pass selectable at either 60, 80, 100hz or bypass (so you have the option of using your sub's crossovers). I didn't add a sub until this weekend, stole the Def Tech PF 15 from the home theater system. I feel like a heratic but this is much, much, much, better!! The sub doesn't work very hard normally, but it does contribute. I don't consider the PF 15 to be very high end, adequate at best. It will need to be upgraded to really "fit" with the khorns if you will. Probably will look at a 10" or 12" sub in the future.
  14. don't forget custer national park, hit this one and several of the areas you mentioned on a biketrip to sturgis in 2001. you really can't go wrong, it's fantastic.
  15. >> this is referred to as "separates" there also called separates because good ones will separate you from your money..
  16. i think your little star changes from blue to tourquois..[H]
  17. its called a "pull through" function or sometime similiar, meaing you can program a key (or keys in the case of volume or channel) to allways pull through the program codes from its native mode no matter what mode the remote is currently in. very convenient, don't have to change modes on the remote very ofter this way..check your remote manual. or you might find instructions here http://safemanuals.com/
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