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  1. The trip to the bathroom ended it for me. Imagine what a pocket door will do to bass output.
  2. Some are available, but not all. Try here: https://www.klipsch.com/support/search-products?prod_KLIPSCH_PRODUCTS_ALL[query]=Kg2 https://www.klipsch.com/products/kg-2
  3. Since Tidal and Qobuz both claim 16/44 how does Qobuz sound better? Maybe less buffering? I stream a lot of audio on my Integra Pre/Pro, but it is usually mp3 based. I abandoned my turntable after I found 24/192 DVD-A. That makes me tempted to go hi-rez.
  4. If you do, which package any why? Is the max package worth the extra cost? My new Yamaha can access it and it has me wondering.
  5. I would not recommend putting H IVs on stands. On the floor a foot or so from a wall, they do not need a subwoofer. Raising them off the floor will reduce the bass output at the very bottom. Their slant riser bases aim the squawker and tweeter at your head, already.
  6. I have 1980 LA Scala's. It appears to me that the bass horn has 2 minor issues. The similar Peavey FH-1s I owned and tested had a similar response rise between 100 and 200-ish Hz. In addition, my La Scala's sidewalls will vibrate, but I didn't notice (and feel it) it until I played "I Don't Need No Doctor" at concert levels. I'm sure I was peaking over 100 watts. Later that session I lost 4 subwoofer drivers to heat! At more sane levels, 100 dB and under, I don't hear or feel anything. The AL-5 La Scalas can only be better, less resonant at high volumes. I got to spend 30+ minutes with them alone in a room at the KHMA at Subfest. Even at quite loud levels, they were polished and refined and threw a stereo image that make mine envious. Though instantly familiar, I did not notice the "resonance" at peaks easily approaching 100 dB. Bottom line, everything flexes, bends and resonates, but this is an overstated issue when the speakers are used at home and the resonance can be enjoyable on some music.
  7. Well, I ended up with a silver Yamaha R-N600A. It nicely compliments the Heresy IVs and does lots of streaming and looks *almost* 1975, once more! Sick of black.
  8. Yes. Among others, Crites Speakers sells a diaphragm mounted on its carrier for an easy no solder replacement. Klipsch may carry replacement diaphragms as well. Some say some of the diaphragms on ebay are substandard, so watch what you buy.
  9. There's your sign! Made by Eminence.
  10. Most likely. Look on the back of the cone for an ink stamped part number for the cone. Then, look for the EIA date code, usually 6 digits, like 67-YYWW, on the magnet, to verify it was made by Eminence (67). Then call them and ask.
  11. You want to use high quality film and foil capacitors. Metalized film capacitors can sound harsh/gritty with that tweeter. A darker or recessed/distant sound is a common description of caps that are old and have gone off-spec somehow (probably ESR).
  12. The short horns in a Forte are unlikely to benefit at all. But, ..... I can't see how it could hurt anything but your wallet. Longer, larger horns of other materials do show some reduction in edginess.
  13. I got a quote from Audio Classics to make for boxes to ship the McIntosh gear. They want $150 (shipped to CHI) for a box for the MR74, MI3 & C26. They want $175 for the 2505. The buyer will pay for further shipping, but at least you can have a high expectation they will arrive undamaged. I looked them up and the prices Gil is asking are very nice. See page 6.
  14. Anybody going from Chicago to Denver and able to transport a pair of Quartets?
  15. Put here for Visibility. Anybody want to loan/rent/sell Quartet boxes? Gil McDermott has a pair of Quartets he may need to ship to sell. If they survive, we'll ship them back to you.
  16. I'm sure they could, but I wouldn't recommend it. My H IVs were safely shipped in their original boxes, on a pallet and wrapped with film. We don't have the original boxes and Miss Amy does not have the capability of taking them to a trucking company to be packed and shipped. If you are serious, we can try to make that happen. It will not be cheap. I can try to have boxes made and we might use UShip. My experience with them has been good for 2 shipments. Anybody want to loan/rent Quartet boxes?
  17. Prices: MR74 AM/FM TUNER $400 needs alignment, oscillates McIntosh MI-3 oscilloscope for MR74 tuner (and others?) $400 c26 preamp, variable loudness, center channel output, speaker selection switch built in $600. SOLD mc2505 ss amp with auto transformers and meters $600. SOLD 3 Belle Klipsch $1200 each nice dolly stands. All 3 Belles sold twin Quartets $500 pair nice tractrix SOLD K400 $200 each 2 SOLD K500 $200 each 5 available, these are pretty rare and at 500 Hz have many uses. K77 round or square $125 ea 8+, mostly AlNiCo. AA xover oil None. Two AK4 $200 each Pioneer 15" woofer $75 Pyle 15" woofers $75 EV 15W (K?) 15 inch might be ev sourced khorn woofer $200. Sold. We strongly recommend personally picking up the McIntosh gear as the glass faces are somewhat fragile and difficult or impossible to replace/repair. Audio classics.com has or makes shipping boxes for McIntosh gear and we recommend getting a special box for shipping these. I have asked them for a quote on the price for each box. See pics on page 1.
  18. That sounds like a protection circuit activating. That amp has more than enough power at 150 watts/ch. It's hard to diagnose from a post, but I'll bet the tweeter protection is saving your tweeters. Turn down the volume. All things have a physical limit. You've found one.
  19. Feed the Sixes with the preamp outs on your A11 or trade it for a preamp only. Keeping the A11 has more flexibility.
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