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  1. you could buy your forever amplifier and actually save money and enjoy more for longer. Buy a Benchmark AHB2 amplifier. It is the most low noise amplifier in the world and it also sounds amazing. On the weekend I took one of mine over to a buddy who has a pair of Kef Blades running on the big Pass Mono blocks 50 watts class A 600 watts class AB into 2 ohms. After just three hours he decided to buy an AHB2 and sell the Pass Mono Blocks. Its my forever amplifier.
  2. The leveling feet do work on carpet so long as there is not a double under pad, they are so cheap you can give them a a try and see. If there is a really thick under pad you can still use the feet along with a set of those teflon appliance pads that let you slide the appliance around easily. My H3 are on that exact set up with my four post Slylan Stands they are super easy to set up and sound better than the spikes I had previously been using.
  3. don't wait order a pair of the Crites titanium tweeter diaphragms from Michael Crites you won't regret it.
  4. are you going to be using these on a carpeted floor or on a solid surface? If a bare floor then it is better to use furniture leveling feet. they have a standard 1/4-20 thread and a firm nylon foot no marks sound excellent safe to use and easy to position (unlike spikes). you can use a locking nut to set them at the height you want.
  5. Chorus was the successful upgrade/replacement of the Cornwall 2 loudspeaker.Taller narrower format looking more like a tower rather than the lower wider CW2 cabinet.
  6. yes this is marketing but I believe that this is necessary marketing and that is to keep up or get out. I don't know if you get out to the audio shops much but in the last half dozen years the sound quality of loudspeakers has been increasing rapidly all across the market especially in small compact two and three way designs. Klipsch needs to deliver more to stay competitive. That is what this is about and they seem to be responding with shining colours.
  7. the corner reflectors are only useful or desired if you want to obtain the maximum high frequency output out of the horn which if you really think about it is not a good plan. This is why you see so few reflectors in folded bass horns. Better to let those high frequencies get canceled and die inside the cabinet and never let them enter your room. Mid/hi radiation is is for the midhorn/tweeter only to provide. A bass horn should only radiate bass, smaller horns will do the rest and they will do that job better.
  8. suggest that you raise up your speakers so the centre of the mid horn is centred at your seated ear level rather than tilting the loudspeaker which skews the stage and image in an unnatural way projecting sound from an unnatural location, either up or down has a similar effect.
  9. I have a set of Forte crossovers which would be an excellent match for these speakers if you want to turn them into three ways. Let me know if you are interested. Put them onto a larger cabinet and you can then have a vent loaded Forte 2 for cheap (you don't need a passive you can use vents which are way less expensive compared to a Passive Radiator).
  10. moray james


    man Johnny could play too bad he got into drugs, Edgar is no slouch and puts on a hell of a show.
  11. do you want these for pa use or for home use? those horns will not give you the same kind of extension a home speaker will, those will start rolling off at 12 KHz. and be about gone by 15KHz. If you have limited hearing then no problem for home use. They will also need a sub or two. Just so you know.
  12. that is a loaded topic. For the most part it is buy and try and that is how the makers want it because that is the best business model for them. You want to match driver exit diametre with horn throat diametre. It is also a good idea to match driver exit angle to horn throat entrance angle but this is not written in stone. So you get back to buy and try. These things can be modeled but not by me. Your best bet is to listen in person where possible and read comments from those who's ears are in line with your own. A Karlson K-Tubes is so simple to custom make and can be an ideal fit for each driver. You might experiment with them first as they are very inexpensive to make. See photo below tune for driver resonant peak and make the tube a 1/4 wave of this frequency after that experiment to your hearts desire with different profiles. I much prefer the double cutaway version over the single cutaway version. These are best suited for near field listening so are perfect for home use. In pro on large stage situations they can be less directional than desired.
  13. I would rather listen to the Kapton diaphragm than the ti one and there are plenty of folks who have issues with the ti resonance (thought it dose not really bother me but given the choice I would prefer aluminum over titanium). A larger mid diaphragm would be a good way to lower distortion. Ah well that's what DIY is for.
  14. moray james


    Johnny and Edgar Winter on receiving their first guitars when they were little.
  15. That is true but I was commenting on the speakers in general, the comment would be of use with a Cornwall for example. For that matter someone who owned a Chorus or a Chorus 2 and who wanted to run a flea power SET amplifier could install a K33 and be back to Cornwall bass performance with and with improved (bonus) mid performance with the Chorus 2.
  16. good job on your build. next time you might consider to place the mid horn at the top of the cabinet with the tweeter below it next to the woofer this gets the mid up closer to your seated ear level and still maintains all the 1/4 wave rules of driver distance.
  17. listen to a pair of Tannoy Revolution Series XT6 with a pair of decent subs you will be very impressed but they need to be properly burned in Mine too about 6 weeks of daily play. I have both the XTMini and the XT6 I like the min better but if those don''t play as loud as you would like then the XT6 are your go to on a good stand. I use Skylan Stands light but losy help to produce excellent bass not possible with heavy steel stands. The stage and image are liken to an Anniversary ProAC Super Tablet but they play louder and go deeper than the Tablet.
  18. I didn't look at the date I just remembered seeing the crossover, that link has excellent photos of the factory xover. Classics with MWM's would be impressive. What mid/tweeter horns do you plan on using with the Classics?
  19. I was for 37 days, there were in fact three separate abductions. Well I had three hospital visits over six weeks. I am not over this but I do feel a lot better. I had a stroke and got a large clot, they tell me it's better than a tee-shirt.
  20. A quick search found this - 12AU7 and CV4003 are two different names for the same tube. 12AU7 is the American designation and CV4003 is the British designation. ECC82 is the European designation. There are also many variations with other names, such as the Amperex 7316 or the Mullard M8136, that are basically the same tube.
  21. too bad Klipsch choose to use flat wound caps rather than round wound in their factory rebuilds.
  22. Or you could get a pair of KLF30 which will kick the bottom of a pair of Cornwall's as dual 12" will push much more air than a single 15" in a Cornwall. If you want to stick with a single 15" then get a pair of Chorus ll which is the factory upgrade replacement for the Cornwall ll which uses a pro 15" woofer and a larger and better mid horn than the Cornwall does. KLF30 was designed as a direct radiator challenger to the Khorn in a much more room friendly size and weight though not horn loaded bass so less efficient. KLF30 can play very loud and they go deeper than a KHorn does.
  23. rather than build a LaScala why not consider building a slightly larger Peavey FH1 which is more like a Belle but better than both Belle or LaScala? The FH1 is longer has no dead spots like LaScala has larger mouth has no cabinet resonance issues and has wider bandwidth uses the same drivers as either LaScala or Bella. fh1_002.pdf
  24. aspartame was developed as an insect poison (it is a neurotoxin(so is MSG)), owned by Dick Cheney, product has never passed FDA approval, see having friends is important. Don't eat artificial sweeteners don't eat much sugar keep your sugar intake to a minimum attempt to reduce glucose spikes when you eat. Pretend you have type two diabetes to stay healthy. Eat carbs with high natural fiber content same goes for fruits eat those with high natural fiber content. The less processed the food you eat the better for your health so Oat groats (steel cut also known as old fashioned) are way better to eat than one minute quick oats. try to eliminate grains. If you eat beans eat the ones with the highest fiber to protein ratio, Pinto beans have lots of fiber. Eat good fats Walnuts Avocado Almonds coconut oil (solid at room temperature etc.). Keep your omega 3 level well above your omega 6 level. This is a real good start.
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